How To Score Above 300 In JAMB 2024 (Like A Boss)

How to score above 300 in jamb

Post Summary: If you’re searching for how to score above 300 in JAMB, you’re in the right spot! In this guide, we’ve explained why you need high JAMB scores, given 11 techniques to achieve it, and extra tips for you to excel this year!

Adekunle’s Story

JAMB results are sometimes heart-breaking.

Adekunle, a medical aspirant who recently graduated from one of the finest secondary schools in Nigeria, had just sent the code in hope for his UTME results.

Could this be a dream?

He had done everything he thought possible. Read recommended textbooks, revised very well, answered every possible question in English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and yet, scored 266.

What could have happened?

To his friends who stay in the same estate, Adekunle had done absolutely fantastic. He had the highest JAMB score in that neighborhood, but deep down, he was displeased.

Come on; he’s applying for Medicine and surgery!

A score above 300 would have been the perfect catalyst to bring home the Playstation 5 his father had promised him earlier and eventually get him admission.

What about Dr. Shade, his beautiful aunt, who stays in the US? She had promised him a new iPhone when next she lands in Nigeria.

But all these weren’t going to come through because of his failure.

Adopting Successful Models: Easier Means To Pass JAMB Excellently

However, the next year, Adekunle decided to give UTME another shot.

Along the preparatory process, he was fortunate to discover critical mistakes that led to his failure. And after implementing some successful models, he was able to ace JAMB with 340; what a feat!

Finally, he got a very high JAMB score, kept the fire burning in post-UTME, and secured admission into the University of Ibadan, one of the best medical schools in Nigeria!

Adekunle’s story might be a short one. But there was a huge drift between scoring 266 and 340. What could he have done differently?

What secret strategies many folks are unaware of did he use to score very high above 300 in JAMB? You’ll soon know.

We’re Here to Help!

Relax, We’re going to look at the techniques very soon!

In this guide, you’re going to learn the 11 Unbeatable Techniques on How to score above 300 In JAMB.

We termed the techniques unbeatable because no matter the conditions, they always work! I used it during my time and was able to score 330 in JAMB.

Not to blow my own horn but the result is a combination of God’s Grace plus utilization of these strategies you’re about to know.

And not only me; most of my friends who smashed the UTME with very high scores like 337, 335 all attest that these things work!

Follow me in this article as we’ll unveil all methods on how to score above 300 in JAMB like a Kung-fu master. Not literally like a Fighter, but you get the gist🙂.

Are you ready to ace this year’s JAMB with flying colors? Then let’s get to it immediately!

Why You Need To Score Above 300 In JAMB 2024

Applying for competitive courses in Nigeria can be sickening. You’re like that prodigal child who had to suffer a lot before getting a desired goal.

For other folks, JAMB can be a breeze. Score a little above 250, and one can get his desired course in the University.

But your case is different. There’s more to sacrifice- you’ve got to work your socks off, practice harder than others, and score above 300 to get admission!

Score less than 300, and home is always ready to welcome you for an extra year. But you don’t want that.

Here are some reasons why you need to score above 300 in JAMB.

1. Better Chance at Admission Success

In 2018, 11,028 students applied for Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Guess how much later got admission? Less than 500!

What about the University of Ibadan? Applied for Medicine and surgery, but in the end, less than 200 students got admission.

We all live in a fierce world. Many of us want good things, but you’ve got to prove to the world your capability to achieve them. That’s the same for the JAMB exam.

If you want to get admission into your desired course of choice without any limitations, then you’ll have to crave a high JAMB score.

2. Scholarship Opportunities

How does it feel to be receiving alerts of 100,000-250,000 Naira each year for your academics? Great right?

When you score very high in UTME, you stand a greater chance at getting plenty of scholarships in the University and securing the bag!

Although the UTME is not the only factor that determines scholarship success, it differentiates 100 level applicants. So if you score above 300 in JAMB, get yourself ready. Because when you start applying, you’ll be getting good results!

What about the scholarships?

There are plenty of them; Total, NLNG, Seplat, SPDC, Shell, Chevron, Guinness, and so on. These scholarship bodies accept thousands of applicants each year, but who do they give at the end? Folks who score amazingly high in UTME.

3. Boosts confidence

Not only does scoring high above 300 yield admission success, but it also boosts students’ confidence.

Be honest, how do you feel after you succeed at a particular goal? Don’t you feel happy and more confident to take up more tasks? Absolutely yes, and that’s the same with scoring high in JAMB.

And then what’s more impressive is that this confidence is an essential ingredient for post-UTME success.

If you check the results of students who perform very well in Post-UTME, you’ll find out that they had high UTME results from the start. So if you want to have this confidence boost, work hard to score above 300 in JAMB!

Now that you’ve learned why you need high JAMB scores to let’s go to the 11 Steps to achieve this.

How To Score High Above 300 In JAMB 2024

Without time to waste, here are the 11 Things to do for scoring high in this year’s UTME. You are sure to see great results if you follow these tips below. Let’a go!

1. You’re more than capable: Change Your Mindset!

One of the limiting factors in scoring high above 300 in JAMB is low self-esteem. Many students may want to pass JAMB excellently, but deep down, they don’t believe it’s possible.

Low self-esteem is normalcy faced among candidates applying for competitive courses like Medicine, Engineering, Pharmacy, and lots others. The thing is, every year, thousands of students use it for courses in Universities, but in the end, only a few get it leaving others in the mud.

Students who didn’t get in then embrace low self-esteem and lack of confidence due to their failure. And when next they want to write UTME, they still can’t score above 300 in JAMB. Their mindset limits them.

You want to excel in this year’s UTME, right? Then the first technique to achieve this is to change your mindset! Believe in yourself and the capability of getting the highest scores this year.

What to Do: How to score above 300 In JAMB

Take a notebook and scribble down these sentences. I call them the Smash-Jamb snacks. They’re like confidence boosters you take every day;

  • I’m Intelligent. With hard work and consistency, I can score a minimum of 320 in this year’s UTME.
  • As I keep working, reading my books, and doing the right things, I believe I can get the highest JAMB scores this year.
  • With God almighty on my side, and focus, discipline, and hard work, I believe I can score high above 300 in JAMB and get __ (insert course of choice).
  • The person who’ll get the highest JAMB scores this year is not yet specific. I’m aiming for that goal, and with super efficiency in my preparations, I believe I can smash UTME and get into my course of choice.
  • Scoring 280 or 290 is super easy. I’m not settling for that. My goal is to score above 300, and with a great work rate and proper preparations, I believe in my capability to achieve the goal.

But that’s not all. After you must have written down these boosters in a book, don’t forget them. Wake up early each day, and read them before you start grinding.

Do those confidence boosters sound too enthusiastic? That’s exactly it’s purpose. The thing is, UTME can be deadly.

You wouldn’t want to change careers because of an examination body, will you? So, You’ve got to be super hungry about succeeding and take the correct actions to reach your goal!

2. Set A Minimum JAMB Score| How To Score High In JAMB

Generally, everyone wants to score 300 and above in JAMB, but for dreams to become a reality, you need to set a specific minimum target for the UTME.

This technique always works perfectly for those who use it. And guess what? It’s not a difficult thing to do! Here’s what I do to set a minimum target for UTME;

1. Find out about your course cut off marks for the last three years, get the average, and table it down like this;

Year UNN Cut off mark for Medicine
Average 318
Draft a table like this for your school, and course of choice. You don’t know the cut off marks for your school? No worries! Check below to get them.

2. Add 10 Marks to the average you’ve gotten, and voila, that’s the minimum score to target in this year’s UTME!

From UNN’s data, if you’re going for Medicine and surgery, your minimum UTME score should be 328.

Also Read These Posts To Know More about the cut off marks for medicine and surgery in these schools:

The magical effect of this technique is that it makes you work harder.

Admission struggles isn’t a good thing.

You don’t want to be in tears while fellow students like you are happy about their admission, will you? So, you’ve got to set high targets in UTME and prepare adequately!

3. Get JAMB Syllabus

Your teachers might not teach everything in secondary school, but that doesn’t mean it won’t matter. Fortunately, JAMB sets all questions from their syllabus here.

So, get the course outline for every course, and write them down in your jotter. Try hard to read a topic every day, and after reading, tick it on your jotter.

This method helps with accountability. It shows that you’re moving forward and highlights the places you need to keep working on to pass JAMB excellently.

4. Read Hard every day still Exam Day to Score Above 300 In JAMB 2024

The fun stuff about getting 338, 342, and 300+ is that people see the outside and admire, without thinking about the process.

I don’t want to sound motivational, but habits are one of the secrets of scoring above 300 In JAMB.

You can achieve a very high score in UTME, post-UTME, and get into your course of choice, but this here- all the consistent reading- is your process, so stick to it!

Here are some tips on how to read hard for JAMB:

Start Your Day With Reading:

Wake up early each day, observe morning devotion, read your Smash-JAMB snacks, then go ahead to read something that morning before any other activity or chore.

Sure! There will be distractions, errands, boredom, and all the likes, but ensure you read for at least 30 minutes first thing in the morning. This habit helps to remind your brain that there’s an unfinished task to complete.

Minimize distractions:

Come on, reading isn’t a chore! If you feel like it’s a tough thing to spend time reading, the chances are that you’re being distracted by exciting things.

So try hard to let go of those things that catch your interest- Whatsapp, Instagram, Games, Movies, etc. When you let go of exciting things, you’ll eventually start liking the reading process and then reading for long hours.

Read One Subject Per Day:

Your brain is a multitasking genius, yes, but when you feed it with a particular thing (a subject concept) for a longer time, you get more focused. But try to read too many different things in a day, and you’ll drain out. So, during your reading process, focus on one subject a day, and follow it through!

5. Jot During Reading

One of the crucial steps on how to score above 300 in JAMB is Jotting.

Textbooks arrive with too much information and short preparation time; you don’t have the time and stress to read them repeatedly before the exam day. So what do you do? The answer: Jot while reading!

Jotting during studying doesn’t only save time and stress, but it’s also beneficial in absorbing information effectively.

Have you ever read and felt like you didn’t study moments later? This feeling is because you don’t jot! When you jot, your sub-conscious tricks you into the fact that you’re not just looking at words but also doing work.

Another beneficial aspect of jotting during JAMB preparations is a useful revision.

One of the reasons candidates fail JAMB is that they take up large textbooks weeks before their exam, and to cover everything, they feel overwhelmed.

But if you jot during early preparations, the revision will be a breeze! You’ll get through the important stuff quickly without running around the bush!

Finally, jotting while reading for JAMB will help you recall information better. After the day’s study, you must read your jotter and remember the essential takeaways that’ll help in the exam hall.

6. Convert Past Questions Into Informative Points

“Use Past Questions while preparing for UTME.” You’ve probably heard this saying a lot of times, but the truth is if you don’t use past questions the right way, it’s of no use!

UTME past questions are like mistakes with lessons. If you fail to learn from them, you keep falling them. One of the best ways to use previous questions effectively is converting them into informative points.

Let’s see an example. Here’s a past question;

Q. Which of the following has the most primitive respiratory system? a. Mouse b. Insect c. Fish d. Snail

While jotting, you’d then write:

Fish is the organism that has the most primitive respiratory system. Do you get the gist?

7. Tackle Your Weak Areas| How to score High above 300 In JAMB 2024

No matter how hard you try to read a subject, be honest; some topics and areas you don’t like. You could be excited about reading others, but you lack enthusiasm when it comes to these weak areas.

However, JAMB doesn’t care about that. They have a common syllabus good which they set questions from during the examination, and they touch plenty of areas, including your weak areas.

So what do you do?

  • Know your Weak Subjects and Topics: Identifying areas that you find difficult is a significant step on how to score above 300 in JAMB. If you don’t know yet, then anytime you solve past questions, jot down the topics from where the failed questions come from- these are your weak areas.
  • Give Them Time: Many JAMB candidates keep on failing examinations because, after discovering their weak areas, they don’t give it enough time to convert into a plus. On your process of how to score above 300 in JAMB, allocate more time and effort to your weak areas. But don’t forget to revise your strengths too!
  • Read Them Regularly: Get the discipline; it’s hard to understand a complicated topic, but don’t give up. Instead, read the issues regularly.

8. Practice CBT Past Questions Regularly| How To Pass JAMB Excellently

When reading for this year’s UTME, don’t get too caught up with the process and forget how the exam conditions look.

You need to know how to answer correctly under pressure (timing) and how to use computer systems.

Another great technique on how to score above 300 in JAMB is to practice CBT Past questions.

There are a plethora of JAMB CBT past questions like Myschool, Flashlearners, Flashacademy, and so on.

Look for a good one, subscribe, then regularly practice while reading for UTME every day.

JAMB Exam Hall Tips

“JAMB does not care how much you’ve read, the hours spent, effort used, to sacrifices made. It only cares about what you put in the exam.”

This statement was a quote I made up while reading, and boy, it helped me understand a lot about JAMB.

The truth is, UTME is like garbage in garbage out system. Did you read 10 hours every day? Very good! What about past questions? Did you solve plenty of them? That’s perfect! But your condition in the exam; and what you put in determines whether you get above 300 or not.

Here are some underrated exam hall tips on how to score above 300 in JAMB;

9. Know Your Exam Centre Early

Some candidates do read well, work hard, and are intelligent, but little things like arriving late to the exam center cost them their success.

Remember, how you compose yourself to answer questions correctly is equally important as the reading.

To avoid unnecessary stress and discomfort, know your exam center early, before the d-day. This step will further help you arrive earlier and feel relaxed to take on the tasks ahead.

10. Take Time To Understand Questions In Exam Hall

One underrated technique on how to score above 300 in JAMB is a thorough understanding of questions before answering.

Have you heard stories of candidates who worked their socks off, read very well, did lots of past questions, and yet, get mediocre scores in UTME? One of the things that cause it is rushing during clicking!

Rushing while writing the UTME has been a significant drawback for these people. The reason is that JAMB is a trick.

Try to get the highest score possible in JAMB, avoid unnecessary rush but instead take your time to understand what the questions are asking, and answer it with caution.

Here’s a technique I used while writing my exam. I learned that I’d be writing 180 questions with 40 for each subject except English, so I approximated how much time I need to spend on each topic- 45 seconds.

To be on the safe side, I cut my time per question to 40 seconds. Did this help me? Absolutely! I was extra observant of my time, and after answering a problem, I would wait for extra seconds to ensure it’s correct before clicking the answer.

In a nutshell, you can do whatever you want in the exam hall, but don’t rush in a bid not to get caught up by time. Instead, understand each question very well, give it the best answer, and double-check that you clicked the right option.

This technique will go a long way in minimizing silly mistakes intelligent students make and produce an excellent JAMB score.

11. Don’t Jump From Subject To Subject

To avoid confusion and stress while writing your UTME, stop jumping from subjects to subjects. Instead, focus on one, and try to solve all questions possible before coming back for revision.

Now You Know, What’s Next?

Phew! We’ve come to the end of this guide on how to score above 300 in JAMB. But now you know, what’s next?

I’ve laid out all the techniques and tips for you to ace this year’s UTME with flying colors from experience. You’ve come to know why you need to score high, the techniques, and extra tips on how to pass JAMB excellently!

Now the ball is in your court; commit to those tips, and go ahead to smash this year’s UTME.

Remember to meditate on your Smash-Jamb snacks, read hard daily, practice CBT questions, Tackle weak areas, and do everything we discussed!

We can’t wait to see you achieve your dreams on how to score above 300 in JAMB 2024!

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  1. This guide was very explanatory and helpful! Thanks a lot, Emmanuel. I’ve been going through your posts, and I must say, you’re doing very well. However, I want to understand something concerning what you talked about. When you said we should jot while reading, do you mean I should write down every important point from the textbook into a note? I tried this the last time I was reading biology, and sir, it was a very slow process. Jamb’s coming soon and I really want to cover a lot and at the same time remember them easily when the time arrives. Please kindly explain how you did yours. Thanks once again!

    • Hi Joseph. What I meant was that you should jot down important points from past questions that you don’t want to forget. It means that you should have a laser focus on critical things and formulas that are a must-know in your reading. Let me know if this helps, and also thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you around again.

  2. This guide was very helpful. I’d be writing Jamb soon and I’ve found some things I need to do to increase my efficiency. Thanks a lot, Emmanuel.

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    • We’re delighted that you found our site helpful, Edward. Sure, I’d love to hear your testimonies after you’ve succeeded. Keep on pushing, you’d make it!

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