UNIZIK Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery (A Detailed Guide)

unizik cut off mark medicine surgery

Are you searching for the UNIZIK cut off mark for medicine and surgery for the year 2023? Then you, my friend, have found the perfect guide! 

During our cut off mark posts, we’ve discussed about the cut off mark for medicine and surgery in UNN, and also that of UNILAG

In today’s guide, we’ll be looking at the cut off mark for Medicine and surgery in Unizik.

We’ve gone through the work, made thorough research from an insider for you to know exactly what it costs to get into Unizik’s medical school. 

First of all, you’ll learn why it’s important to know university cut off marks, get a brief overview of previous ones, and what the present cut off mark is. 

And not just that…

One of the things you get to enjoy from this post is a bonus guide on how Unizik admissions work.

You’ll learn every teeny tiny detail about how to get into their medical school! 

That’s undoubtedly, everything you’ll need to know about the Unizik cut off mark for medicine and surgery.

If you’re ready for this, then let’s get to work ASAP! 

Why Is Knowing University Cut off marks important? 

Learning about the departmental cut off marks for your school of choice is very essential for the following reasons: 

1. Determines Efforts To Put In JAMB 

Everyone has different targets for JAMB. 

Before you choose any of the best medical school to study in Nigeria, it’s super important to know the cut off mark for Medicine because it helps you estimate what to score in both your UTME and Post-UTME. 

If the previous cut off marks are high, then your best bet is to set higher targets in JAMB and then work hard to ace them!

Yes, Medicine in Nigeria is competitive. 

You’re among thousands of applicants struggling to get into the 150-180 medicine quota in Unizik, so you’ve got to be ahead and score really high! 

2. Assists Change of Institution Decision making 

JAMB always give candidates the opportunity to change their Institution after they’ve written the UTME. 

The fantastic part of this means is that it helps students get into other schools if their UTME results wasn’t as expected.

In fact, I also did the change of institution. Initially, I was super scared of not getting into medical school, so I chose the Lagos state University because I thought it’d be an easier means considering my WASSCE results. 

However, thanks to God, I aced my set targets for JAMB that year (320), and yep, I was more confident to get back to my initial goal! 

The point is, making a research of the cut off marks for different medical schools, is very important in admission. 

If your score didn’t come out as expected, you should research the cut off marks for other schools, and select the ones that’s easier to enter! 

3. Helps To Understand Admission List- Unizik cut off mark for medicine and Surgery

Have you ever heard the popular opinion that Universities in Nigeria do cheat?

Concerning their admission processes, many claim that one must have network connection to get into competitive courses. 

That, sometimes, students with high JAMB scores above 300 don’t get into medicine.


While there be be an inkling of truth in them, it’s not always true. In fact, the merit list of most universities follow a transparent path.

But the problem is that most don’t know the school’s departmental cut off mark.So, having an idea of cut off mark for medicine and surgery in Unizik will help you understand how the admission list works and why some fail to get in. 

Now that we’ve briefed you on the importance of knowing universities departmental cut off marks, let’s move to the different types. 

The 3 Different Cut Off Marks Students Face During Admission 

Before you smash your way into Unizik school of medicine, there are three gates you must pass.

Each of them have cut off marks that hinders a lot of applicants wishing to study medicine in the university. 

Let’s look at them.

1. JAMB Cut off mark

After candidates have written the UTME for a particular year, JAMB sets a target for every student before admission into tertiary institutions.

The JAMB cut off mark is the minimum UTME score that a candidate must get before getting admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria

Here’s the JAMB cut off mark for institutions in 2020:

  • Universities: 160
  • Polytechnics: 120
  • Colleges of education: 100

So before you think of applying into the University, you must have aced the Jamb cut off mark which was pegged at 160. 

2. School Cut off marks 

After JAMB has brought their cut of marks for all institutions, universities then set their cut off marks. 

The school cut off mark is the minimum score set by an institution below which no one should take up the post-utme form or indulge in their screening exercise.

Let’s say that the JAMB cut off mark for 2021 is 160, and Unizik is at 180. It means that you can apply to any school with over 160, but you must pass 180 before applying to Unizik.

Get the gist? 

3. Departmental Cut off marks 

You can get 250 in JAMB and pass the two cut off marks we’ve discussed, but succeeding through the departmental cut off marks, the main gate to get into Meidicine, is where the main deal lies. 

Departmental cut off mark is the minimum score set by a school below which no student can get admission into any department. 

Our goal of this blog post is Unizik cut off mark for medicine and surgery. And that’s what we’ll be looking at shortly. 

UNIZIK Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery: The Previous Years 

To some schools, getting their cut off marks is a breeze. They upload it on their official website, and everyone can see to know their fate. But in others, like the Nnamdi azikiwe university, you’d need an insider to get it. 

However, we’ve gone through the stress and have compiled a list of the previous cut off mark for medicine and surgery in Nnamdi Azikiwe University.

Here’s it below; 

Academic session Unizik Merit Cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery 

What is Unizik Cut off mark for medicine and surgery 2020/2021?

Presently, Unizik hasn’t conducted her post-UTME screening exercise because of the pandemic and school shutdown. 

However, one thing that we guarantee you is that you will get the exact information on the cut off mark for medicine in unizik when everything’s set! 

Now I want a guarantee from you; 

Sign up to our email lists after this post, and we’ll update you when it arrives! 

How Unizik Calculate their Post-UTME Aggregate 

Every university in Nigeria have different ways of coming up with their aggregate from the post-UTME screening. 

Here’s how the Nnamdi Azikiwe university calculates student’s aggregates;

The two scores involved in Unizik cut off mark is your JAMB and Post-UTME.

UTME and Post-UTME results both share 50:50. Unizik’s post-UTME is over 100 marks and anything you get is converted into 400 by multiplying by 4. 

Let’s say you get 310 in UTME and 78 in post-UTME, the aggregate will be calculated like this; 

78 X 4= 302

Then, JAMB + Post-UTME/ 2

310 + 302/2 which equals 306. 

What Should You Target In JAMB and Post-UTME to Get into Medicine at Unizik? 

A lot of medical aspirants do ask whether they can get into medicine in Unizik with a particular JAMB score.

Here’s what an aspirant asked on Nairaland forum; 

Unizik cut off mark for medicine and surgery: A Students report

And not only him, there are also thousands of students who think and wonder whether they can get in with their JAMB score.

You know my answer? It’s not certain! 

There are a lot of uncertainties concerning school admissions but there’s a wise way of knowing your chances which is by previous cut off marks. 

From the table above, you can see that the cut off marks for medicine in Unizik always flunctuates. 

Will the next cut off mark be higher or lower? No one can know for sure. But one thing is sure; 

These cut off marks have given you an idea of scores to get to study medicine in Unizik. 

So if you’re aiming get into Unizik college of medicine, you should set your jamb score around 320+.

And your post-UTME target will be 80/100. So if you ace those targets, your aggregate should be around 320- a perfect score to secure an admission space at Unizik! 

Will Unizik Cut off mark for medicine increase or not? Here are Factors that affects it. 

1. Number of applicants -Unizik Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery

The larger the number, the harder the struggle. 

Let’s say 10,000 candidates are in fight for an admission slot in Medicine at Unizik.

Will the cut off marks be as high as when there are 4,000? Absolutely not!

One of the things that can change the Unizik cut off mark for medicine and surgery is the total number of applicants. 

If there are more medical aspirants for the 2020 year, than of other years, then you can predict that the cut off mark will increase. 

2. Students Perfomance 

How good or bad every medical aspirant scores generally, will affect whether the cut off marks will increase or decrease. 

Forget about the previous Unizik cut off mark for medicine.

If every applicant generally had poor Perfomance, the score will decrease drastically. Don’t be appalled- it may even go below 300! 

Tips And Advice On How to Get Admission into Unizik College Of Medicine

We interviewed a second year medical student from Nnamdi Azikiwe university, and here’s the advice he gave concerning getting admission into Medicine in UNIZIK:

  1. Be Fast: Unizik post-UTME is easy but the problem comes when you’re not fast enough to answer the correct questions. So if you want to beat the system, and come out with flying colors, you need to be super fast in your test.
  2. Get information about the exam setting before you write: one of the privileges during post-utme test is that Medicine aspirants don’t write first. So is this to your advantage! How? Get information from those who’ve written and know how many questions you’re going to answer. It’s usually 100 but sometimes 50.
  3. Study JAMB Past questions religiously: most of unizik’s post-utme test come from past questions. If you can learn them well, you’re mire than good to go.

Final Words on UNIZIK Cut off mark for Medicine and surgery

Information is power. Before making the decision to get admission into Unizik college of medicine, it’s always essential to know the how it works. And one of the crucial things to know is Unizik cut off mark .

In this Medics guide, we’ve gone through the work, saved you hours of research, and have given you everything to know about cut off mark in Unizik medicine and surgery.

We hope you found this post helpful. And yes, if you have any questions, feel free to use the comment box!

We can’t wait to see you achieve your dreams concerning the UNIZIK cut off mark for Medicine and surgery.

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