UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery 2023?

Post Summary: This guide consists of UNN Cut off mark for medicine and surgery. You’ll learn how cut off mark works, the UNN admission system, and the latest cut off mark concerning school admissions!

Could it be an unfair disparity or a cause of his “village people”?

Chidera, a brilliant chap who recently finished from the prestigious King’s College, Lagos, had always wanted to study medicine in Nigeria and become a successful Neurosurgeon.

In a step towards his dreams, he applied for Medicine and Surgery at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Having 314 in UTME, his results was just fantastic! What about WAEC grades? he had one of the best grades in his college!

Post-UTME also came along, and boy, Chidera did what he has always been doing: acing examinations with high scores! One can say that Chidera was living the life.

This Life Lacks Equilibrium

However, some problems happened along his admission process; although having a high aggregate of 312, he didn’t get into Medicine after checking the merit list released in September.

This had to be a dream! What could have happened? Could it be that he was cheated or probably a result of him visiting Nkwere, his village the previous December?

He had previously searched for UNN cut off mark for Medicine and surgery, and found it to be 295 (so he thought). His UTME scores far exceeded that limit, and he was very optimistic about admission, but failure set in.

Now, Chidera has been filled with negative thoughts. He feels UNN does some favouritism and that one will only get in through unique connections with top people.

But this is wrong; Chidera, although an intelligent lad, was ignorant of the correct UNN cut off mark for Medicine and surgery. If he had gotten an accurate guide, he’d have understood everything about their admissions process and what to expect.

And he’s not the only one. Over 80% of the medical aspirant are either entirely ignorant or underestimate the UNN cut off make for Medicine and surgery. Most make assumptions based on four years back cut off marks, and then get shocked when they fail to get admission into medical school.

But you’re not like that, are you? After thorough research of this problem that medical aspirants face, we’ve come up with a unique guide concerning the UNN cut off mark for Medicine and surgery.

We’re Here to Help You!

We fully understand all the pains of smashing but not getting the desired course, we’re tired of such, and that’s why this guide is here!

In this detailed guide, you’ll learn all about the UNN cut off mark for Medicine and surgery. You start first to understand the underlying concepts behind cut off marks, cut off scores for the previous years, how it’s calculated, and yes, the current cut off mark for Medicine in UNN.

Also included in this guide, is a bonus; An Explanation of how UNN Admission lists work. Here you’ll learn some of the things they consider while selecting medical students.

If you’re in for this, then let’s get started without any time to spare!

UNN Cut Off Mark for Medicine and Surgery: What are they and How do they work?

Right from the moment candidates get their JAMB results till they get into the University, the term “admission cut off mark”, will always be a trending search.

A lot of folks who apply for medical school training in Universities usually get dribbled by the whole cut off mark issues relating to JAMB and the department.

To properly grasp how university admissions work, it would help for us to dissect all that cut off marks is There are different types before admission- JAMB, school, and departmental cut off marks. Follow me as we unveil the different types below;

JAMB Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery

Joint Admission Matriculation Board, JAMB, is the body that’s tasked with screening candidates into the tertiary institutions using the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination, popularly known as UTME.

Like how police officers check people before entering events, JAMB works to filter candidates aspiring for further education using the UTME. After candidates for a particular year have written the examination; JAMB sets in with their cut off marks. So what is JAMB cut off mark?

The JAMB Cut off mark for Tertiary institutions is the average score set below which no candidate would be eligible to study in any school.

Like I said earlier, JAMB is the first policeman of your further education. Before you enter the gate (get admission), you must pass through them, and this means giving their cut off mark, and all eligibility requirements.

Though the score does vary each year, for universities, the JAMB cut off to make is usually from 120-200. It’s way lower for polytechnics and colleges of education.

So, before you get into medical school, you must have aced the minimum cut off mark set by JAMB for that particular year. Understood right? Let’s move!

Institutional or School Admission Cut off Mark

After some people must have gotten into the building (admission journey), and have passed the first gate guarded by the policeman (JAMB), they think that’s all. But here comes, another gate to enter with another guard, institutional cut off marks.

Let’s look at what it means;

The number of candidates seeking admission into Universities has been on the rise. It may have been because of the belief that university graduates secure jobs better than others. But one thing that’s sure is that most universities receive about 40,000-100,000 each year! Very competitive.

You may want everything to go all fine but, this life is basically about the survival of the fittest. It shouldn’t have been a big problem if Universities could accommodate such a large number of applicants.

But now that most can take only about 4,000-10,000 each year, they must do something to reduce the competition, at least to some extent. And that’s where school cut off marks arrive from.

Institutional Cut off mark is the minimum JAMB score that candidates must pass before applying for the Post-UTME screening exercise of a particular school.

Let’s take an example; suppose JAMB sets 180 as the cut-off mark for a year, then a university like the UNN with over 60,000 applicants increased its cut off mark to 200. This score set by the school before which you can apply for post-UTME screening is termed as institutional cut off the mark!

Now, you’ve known that, let’s move to the last and most important one; departmental cut off marks.

Departmental Admission Cut Off Mark

Alas! You’ve passed the JAMB Cut off mark for Medicine and surgery.

You’ve also cleared the institutional cut off mark, and you’re with high shoulders already dreaming about getting into medical school. Still, unfortunately, one huge muscular SARS official, well l armed with guns to kill dreams is at the door of the last gate.

Departmental cut off mark always super ready to beat one away from his/her dreams

His name? Departmental cut off mark. He’s the final boss and what he wants from you is that you should pass the score set by the school before you get into a particular department, in this case, Medicine and surgery.

But what’s departmental cut off the mark all about? Let me explain literally;

Departmental Cut off marks are the minimum scores set by a school below which no candidate will get admission into the desired course. You should note that the cut off marks are under merit, catchment, and Less developed States. Read more about this here.

UNN Departmental Cut Off Mark For Medicine and Surgery: Why It’s Very High

In Medical school, the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria MDCN is the body with ensuring that Universities have good facilities, equipment and man-Power capable of training good medical doctors in the country.

MDCN also give quota to every medical school indicating the maximum number of medical students that school should train and graduate.

But when there are thousands of applicants for Medicine and surgery, Universities have to select the best minds, which involves screening using post-UTME. Since the number needed is far lower than the total applicants, the cut of marks for Medicine is very high.

UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery: Previous Years

When I first began my journey into medical school, I searched for the UNN departmental cut off mark for Medicine and surgery, and boy, you’ll be appalled at what it was: 295.

This score had been on some websites for a long time, and ignorantly, I totally believe that it was right, and then put my hopes on that.

I didn’t set very high targets concerning my UTME and post-UTME, and I underestimated what it takes to get into Medicine and surgery in UNN. You shouldn’t be like that, that’s why it’s super helpful to understand the previous cut off marks correctly and how it worked.

Here’s the list of the previous cut off mark for Medicine and surgery in UNN:

YearUNN Merit Cut-off Mark
The cut off mark for Medicine in UNN for the past 5 years

Notes: There are plenty of factors that determine admissions like catchment and quota. So, the cut-off marks stated above doesn’t mean one with a lower score won’t get into medical school in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. They’re only the merit cut off mark.

Now, here’s the most important thing to do if you’re here for research. The previous cut off marks don’t mean they’ll repeat themselves, but it should give you a clue of what to expect from the new cut off mark.

If you’ve not yet written UTME, this post should serve as an inspiration to set a high target and ace the exam! And yes, if you’re preparing for Post-UTME, get use the cut off marks as motivation to aim higher and perform better.

The Present UNN Cut Off Mark For Medicine and Surgery

At the time of writing this post, UNN hasn’t conducted her post-UTME screening exercise, so there’s no information concerning 2023 cut off marks.

But, you don’t have any cause to fret; immediately, they’re through with the exercise, we’ll get the cut-off marks to you by updating this guide! So don’t forget to subscribe, so we can always remind you!

Just In: UNN recently conducted her post-UTME screening exercise, and very soon admission processes will kickstart. Once there’s any information concerning the merit cut off mark for medicine in UNN, we’ll let you know.

Update: Recently, we published some cut off marks for 2021, but after research, we found out that the merit is 319. Read on below;

As you should know, the University of Nigeria, Nsukka doesn’t disclose her cut off marks like other schools, so it’s a bit difficult to get the real one. But according to an insider, here’s the update concerning the just concluded post-UTME screening exam; 

Merit and catchment areas UNN Cut off mark for Medicine and surgery 2021/2022
Merit 319
Enugu 317
Imo 317.5
Abia 308
Delta 298.5
Anambra 316
Ebonyi 311
Akwa-ibom 293

How Does UNN Calculate Cut, Off Marks?

At the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, before you get admitted into any course of choice, you must partake in the screening exercise and write the Post-UTME test.

After you must have written and gotten results, UNN receives an aggregate score of your UTME and Post-UTME. Here, UTME takes 60% and later, 40% of the aggregate score.

So, if you scored 325 in UTME, and 312 in Post-UTME, your average score will be calculated as (325 * 0.6) + (312 * 0.4), which equals 319.8.

However, although UNN has been using this method for calculating aggregate scores, it doesn’t mean that it’ll always be the same.

Bonus: How UNN Admission List for Medicine Works

I have the opportunity to explain how UNN merit admission list for Medicine works solely because I’ve gone through the process.

Note: The Explanation Below is based on discoveries made during my time. It’s not always the same.

UNN uses the general 45:35:20 percentage ratio for admission into Nigerian Universities. This ratio means 45% for merit, 35% for catchment and 20% for Educationally less developed states (ELDS).

In the first (merit) list that’ll be released, there will be a combination of all these three areas. This first list usually has 110 students or thereabout.

So, from the percentage ratio, UNN will pick the best students from the 45% solely having the highest aggregate, which will fall under merit.

After that, about 8 of the highest scorers in the different catchment states amounting to 39, will fall under the catchment areas.

Then, the remaining 22 slots or thereabout will belong to the candidates from the educationally less developed states.

In a nutshell, the merit cut off mark is merely the score of the 45% highest scorer in the list. The performance for each year always differ, which is why cut off mark fluctuates each year.

So if you’ve been hearing of medical aspirants with high scores who failed to secure admission into UNN, they were probably below the 45% highest scorer (for merit only!) and didn’t come from any catchment state or ELDS.

Read more about Catchment states, ELDS, and Everything on how to study medicine in Nigeria!

Remember! Times change, and it may not always be the same.

Final Words

Alas! We’ve come to the end of this article! Getting into medical school in Nigeria is a very competitive process. You’re combating with thousands of applicants for a quota of about 100-180, so you’ve got to be ahead of the pack, be appropriately informed, and cross the t’s and dot the i’s.

In this guide, we’ve discussed the UNN cut off mark for Medicine and surgery. You’ve come to know how it works, the scores for the previous years, and also things to expect before writing post-UTME.

We hope this guide has been of great help for you to understand how UNN works, give you an idea of cut off marks to expect, and everything you’ll need to succeed in your admission process.

Good luck in your admission adventure, Medic. We hope to see you get into medical school!

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