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CMDA 026 PHYSIO 2nd Test

1. Identify the false statement

2. Concerning the absorption of solutes,

3. Concerning urine and urine production,

4. Which of these factors does not affect renal blood flow

5. About GFR,


Identify the correct statement

7. Concerning the anatomy of the kidney,

8. About edema,

9. Concerning dehydration

10. Identify the false statement

11. Concerning the phases of secretion,

12. Select the correct statement

13. In Achalasia,

14. As regards GI disorders,

15. Identify the false statement

16. Concerning digestion and absorption of protein

17. About digestion and absorption,

18. Concerning the heart sounds

19. Concerning heart rate and its regulation,

20. Identify the correct statement

21. All these cause an increase in cardiac output except


Concerning cardiac output,

23. Changes that occur after birth include

24. In fetal heart structure,

25. Select the false statement

26. Concerning blood flow,


Identify the false statement

28. About the heart,

29. Concerning heart failure,

30. About shock,

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