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Who are We – Medicsdomian

MedicsDomain Blog is an Online Brand that is committed to helping medics achieve their greatest dreams. Information is rapidly changing how the world works, and you can’t be left behind. In this blog, you will get to receive quality, latest, and well-researched information on the following:

  • Medical School
  • United States Medical License Examination(USMLE)
  • Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board(PLAB)
  • Medical course, e.t.c.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to as many medics as are in the world. We are aiming to form an online community where medics come to share good information to help us and, consequently, the health sector.

What you’ll Get from MedicsDomain

Medical School Guide

Getting in, and surviving through medical school can’t be done alone. Here you will get quality guides pertaining to choosing schools, getting admission, and succeeding through medical school.


You get to learn about the success stories of medical doctors and other medical practitioners who have positively impacted their field. Learning about those who have achieved greatness can impact also to achieve yours.

Study Abroad Guide

For medics desiring to study abroad, you will receive full guides that will serve as a lamp to your foot, and make sure you are fully equipped with important information.

Study Series

Medical students love quizzes to keep them in check and MedicsDomain understands that perfectly, which is why we have incorporated Quizzes on different medical courses to keep you on track. Not only that, but we also have detailed reviews of numerous hard-to-read courses in medical school.

Medical books

For medical students, MedicsDomain cares about you. We have a properly organized platform where you can download any medical school books of your choice. We also review the books, so you’ll decide which one is best for your study.


At some point, we as medics feel down and not in the right spirit to push on, which is why we have a motivation category to lighten you in dark times.