LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark 2022 (An Ultimate Guide)

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Post summary: This guide consists of the LASPOTECH cut off mark for all courses. You’ll learn how the cut off mark works, the admission system used in LASPOTECH, and the latest cut off mark that you need to know concerning admissions!

The Lagos state Polytechnic popularly known as LASPOTECH is one of the best polytechnics to study your desired course in Nigeria. If you’re looking for a top0notch institution to get your HND or ND, then this school is one of the best choice.

However, the problem arises when it comes to admissions. Why?

There are thousands of aspirants applying to get admission into LASPOTECH every single year. And like in every situation like this, not everyone will get in.

This results in many searching for the LASPOTECH cut off mark so as to be well informed before hitting the application button for admission purposes.

Do you want to get admission into LASPOTECH this year? Then you’d find this LASPOTECH cut off mark guide super helpful!

In this guide, I’d first explain all the types of cut off mark you need to know, the latest for LASPOTECH, as well as a bonus on how to get admission into the institution!

If you’re ready for this, then let’s move immediately!


LASPOTECH stands for Lagos state polytechnic. This institution which is located at Ikorodu in Northern Lagos is home to 50,000 students annually who seek to get good knowledge and education.

Their specialty is in Engineering and technology-related fields. So if you’re hoping to get good knowledge from a polytechnic in Nigeria, then LASPOTECH is a great choice.

What are the courses offered by LASPOTECH?

The Lagos state polytechnic offers 31 courses;

  • Accountancy
  • Agricultural engineering/technology
  • Agricultural technology
  • Architectural technology
  • Art and design
  • Banking and finance
  • Building technology
  • Business administration and management
  • Chemical engineering technology
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical/Electronic engineering technology
  • Estate management and valuation
  • Fisheries
  • Food technology
  • Horticultural technology
  • Horticulture
  • Hospitality management
  • Insurance
  • Leisure and tourism management
  • Marketing
  • Mass communication
  • Mechanical engineering technology
  • Mechatronics engineering technology
  • Office technology and management
  • Quantity surveying
  • Science laboratory technology
  • Statistics
  • Urban and regional planning

LASPOTECH Cut off mark: What are they and how do they work?

Immediately an aspirant chooses to apply for JAMB in Nigeria, there is an unforeseen competition awaiting. This will continue all the way from JAMB results to post-UTME screening and finally to admission.

However, one popular trend relating the three phases of competition is the term “admission cut off mark”. There are plenty of aspirants wanting to know the correct LASPOTECH cut off mark to enable them get admission easily.

But, what does cut off mark even mean? Do you know that there are three different types of cut off marks to meet before getting admission? Well, you’d find out below!

1. JAMB cut off mark

Every year, the Joint Admission Matriculation Board conducts the Unified tertiary Matriculations examinations (UTME) which is the principal exam that screens aspirants wanting to gain admission in tertiary institutions in Nigeria.

And as a convention, JAMB filters aspirants who are deemed worthy to gain admission into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. Therefore, JAMB sets the cut off mark for all institutions in Nigeria.

What is the JAMB cut off mark?

The JAMB cut off mark for tertiary institutions is the minimum score below which no aspirant should gain admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. This cut off mark acts like the first filter than removes aspirants who don’t meet up from gaining admission that year.

JAMB cut off mark for institutions differs from year to year because they set different standards yearly. However, from previous ones, it is usually between 100- 200.

According to the previous year, the JAMB cut off mark for polytechnics is 120. What this means is that any aspirant who gets above 120 in his/her UTME is eligible to apply for admission in polytechnics in Nigeria.

However, there’s another cut off mark you’d face.

2. Institutional/School cut off mark

After JAMB has set the cut off mark for polytechnics, the individual schools, in this case LASPOTECH, will set their cut off mark for all aspirants.

This school cut off mark is the minimum score set for every aspirant below which they should not pick up post-UTME screening form.

One might have passed the 120 score set by JAMB but if he/she fails to pass the school cut off mark, there would be no chance for such individual to pick up the screening form. You get the point?

Now, the LASPOTECH cut off mark for all courses for the year 2021/2022 session is 140. What this means is that no student who scores below 140 in UTME should pick up form.

Now you may have passed the JAMB and school cut off mark, but mind you, there’s a last one; the LASPOTECH departmental cut off mark!

3. LASPOTECH Departmental cut off mark

Departmental cut off marks are the final barrier stopping aspirants from gaining admission into their desired course of choice.

Like you know, there are tons of courses to study in LASPOTECH. However, for each course, there is a set LASPOTECH departmental cut off mark to screen students applying for that particular course.

For example, if the departmental course for civil engineering in LASPOTECH is 180. What this means is that you need to score at least 180 to get that desired course: Engineering.

Let’s say you get 160 in UTME. You can choose to apply for any other course with lower cut off mark but definitely not civil engineering in LASPOTECH. You get the point?

Now, let’s move to the LASPOTECH cut off mark for all courses

LASPOTECH Departmental Cut off Mark for all courses 2021/2022

S/NND ProgramLASPOTECH Cut off mark
2Agricultural technology170
3Architectural technology150
4Art/Industrial design150
5Banking and finance180
6Building technology150
7Business administration200
8Chemical engineering180
9Civil engineering180
10Computer engineering180
11Computer science200
12Elect/Electronics engineering180
13Estate management150
15Food technology180
16Horticultural technology150
17Hospitality management160
19Leisure and tourism technology150
21Mass communication220
22Mechanical engineering180
23Mechatronics engineering180
24Office technology and management160
25Quantity surveying150
26Science laboratory technology220
28Urban and regional planning150

Latest Update concerning LASPOTECH

LASPOTECH as you know is a federal polytechnic in Lagos. However, the government recently has made plans to turn the polytechnic into a generally accepted university called Lagos state University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH)! Now, they’d start offering courses just like other normal universities. That’s good news!

How to calculate LASPOTECH Aggregate Score

Most certainly, after students have written their Post-UTME screening in LASPOTECH, the next question is usually how can I calculate my LASPOTECH aggregate score?

Even aspirants also desire to know how to calculate the LASPOTECH aggregate score to determine their chances of getting admission.

Whichever one you are, I’d be explaining how you can calculate your aggregate score after finishing the post-UTME screening at the Lagos state polytechnic!

But before we start. Let’s discuss what aggregate score entails.

An aggregate score is a sum total of your UTME and post-UTME scores. It is the final score that grades the level of admission success of any aspirant. For some schools, using the WAEC plays a part in the aggregate score while for others it is not.

What does LASPOTECH use?

LASPOTECH calculates their aggregate score based on equal percentages between JAMB and post-UTME that is 50:50.

What this entails is that your post-UTME screening is equally as important as your UTME. So if you have a high score in UTME, don’t relax on it as your final post-UTME will determine your admission success.

  1. Get 50% of your UTME by dividing by 8
  2. Get 50% of your Post-UTME by dividing by 2
  3. Add the two together

And there you go, a detailed method of calculating LASPOTECH aggregate score.

How to get admission into LASPOTECH

Getting admission into LASPOTECH like in other schools can be quite difficult. There are thousands of students applying to different course just like you.

And the quota? It definitely would be smaller than the total number of applicants! So it is usually a tough ride!

But then how do you gain admission into LASPOTECH the right way?

1.Know the requirements for LASPOTECH

LASPOTECH requires that you must have clocked 16 years of age before applying. They also require you to have at least 5 credits in your O’level results. SO ensure you meet up with the requirements before applying.

2. Have an Idea of LASPOTECH cut off mark

Before you proceed to choose any course in LASPOTECH, ensure you have an idea of what the previous cut off marks were. This will give you an inkling of what to expect and yes, your admission chances in the institution.

3.Read hard and score high in JAMB and Post-UTME

Finally, you must have gotten a score to target in your exams. Now go ahead, prepare hard and score high in JAMB. Don’t neglect your post-UTME. Prepare as best as you can.

4 Tips to Acing LASPOTECH Post-UTME screening

Just like traveling in which every successful journey must be carefully planned, there are methods and proven strategies to do amazingly well in your Post-UTME screening examination.

Do you want to score very high in the upcoming Post-UTME screening after knowing LASPOTECH cut off mark? Then here are 5 tips to help you!

1. Put LASPOTECH as your first choice in UTME registration

Not everyone would go to the universities. For most people, they only choose polytechnics when their desired institution fails to give them admission.

However, if you must be successful with LASPOTECH admission, you’d need to show the seriousness that you’re really intentional about the admission.

This begins with choosing LASPOTECH as your first choice in UTME registration. The reason is that it gives you an edge because the polytechnic will consider you before others who choose them as a second choice.

2. Score High in JAMB

The importance of scoring high in JAMB can never be overemphasized. The reason? It’s because it gives you an edge over others regardless of the course you’re aiming for.

Whatever course you want to study in LASPOTECH, plan very well and pass JAMB excellently.

I’ve written a detailed guide on how to score high in JAMB. Read more to know better strategies to ace this year’s examinations.

3. Revise LASPOTECH past questions frequently

You’re going to write the LASPOTECH post-UTME screening examination, right? So you need to get familiar with their past question papers as soon as possible.

Doing this gives you an edge over others as you’d know an inkling of what to expect as you proceed to write your examination.

4. Be time conscious in Examination

When you get in for the examination, don’t rush. You’ve prepared super hard for this so take your time, read questions, and answer as fast as you can.

Be very conscious of your time, and finish all questions assigned.

Final words on LASPOTECH cut off mark

The LASPOTECH cut off mark is a must-know for every aspirant of the great institution. Knowing the previous cut off marks for your course of choice will give you an idea of what to target in your JAMB and post-UTME screening examinations.

I’ve done justice concerning the LASPOTECH cut off mark as well as given tips on how you can calculate the aggregate score and ace the post-UTME with flying colors! Now go ahead and succeed in your admission journey!

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