Babcock University School Fees: How Much Is It?

How much is Babcock university school fees

The Babcock University School Fees is one of the first things to check before considering schooling in this private institution.

Even as a returning student, you’d need to know how much is Babcock university school fees to ready your boots for the incoming session.

How about accommodation? Also very important! It’ll be super expedient you know how much is Babcock University hostel fees as well as a detailed guide on how to make payments and process everything! 

And all that information, is what I’m going to explain in this guide! 

After you’re done reading this post, you’d have proper knowledge on how much is Babcock university school fees for medicine and surgery as well as that of other courses. Enjoy! 

Overview of Babcock University (BU) 

How much is Babcock University School fees
Babcock university is a very fantastic private university for conducive learning

Babcock University is a private university with Christian origin owned and managed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. 

This prestigious  private institution is located at Ilishan-Remo in Ogun state, Nigeria. It was also founded in 1959 but was not officially inaugurated until forty (40) years later in 1999. 

The university has two campuses, namely;

  • Main Campus 
  • Mini Campus 

The main campus is located at Ilishan-Remo and mini campus at Iperu in Remo

The university boasts of many school of studies,  colleges offering a variety of well sort-after courses, modern facilities and a serene environment fit for learning. 

They also have top-notch  hostels for accommodation. After all, it is a private school and should be super conducive 🙂. 

The school offer courses like Medicine and Surgery, Accounting, Law, Mass Communication, Nursing, etc. 

The university is well-known for training their students in both educational and moral values. They train their students to be servant leaders in their respective fields and society. 

Now, let us talk about the school fees schedule. 

Arrangement of Babcock University (BU) School Fees Schedule 

Babcock University boasts of many schools and two colleges (one of which is the College of Postgraduate Studies). These schools and colleges also have many departments. 

The school fees schedule is arranged according to these departments. Each department has its own school fees cost for each level. 

Babcock University (BU) School Fees Schedule for 2021/2022 Session 

The school has not released the school fees schedule for 2021/2022 academic session. 

But, there is the school fees schedule for 2020/2021 session and I will outline that here. 

This will enable aspirants that wrote the 2021 JAMB exam an idea of the school fees schedule, what to expect and plan well towards it. 

But, before we go into that, there is a special fee which first year students must pay after accepting the admission offered them by the university. This fee is called Acceptance Fee. 

Now, let us talk about Acceptance Fee. 

Babcock University (BU) Acceptance Fee

After you must have passed your JAMB exam, written and passed your PostUTME exam, you’ll be offered admission by the university. 

You will have to accept the admission given you if you want it or reject it if you do not want it. If you want the admission offered to you and you accept the admission, there is a very important next step. 

After accepting the admission on JAMB CAPS, you will have to pay a special fee called Acceptance Fee. It is a fee paid to the school by newly admitted students to show that you want the admission and you have accepted it. 

Payment of Acceptance fee is super  important because failure to do so will result in decline of admission. You obviously can not let that happen. But how much is the fee?

Babcock University acceptance fee is arranged differently from most other universities. It’s arranged into two categories, which are;

  • Law and Medicine and Surgery 
  • All other courses 

The Acceptance Fee for Law and Medicine and Surgery is Three Hundred Thousand Naira (N300,000). 

The Acceptance Fee for all other courses is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N150,000)

So, you see how it is? There’s a difference between the fee for medicine/law and others. 

Now, how to pay this acceptance fee? Let’s ride!

How To Pay Babcock University (BU) Acceptance Fee. 

After accepting your admission, the next thing is to pay your acceptance fee of which I am going to tell you how. 

Babcock University acceptance fee can be paid online or using a bank draft. 

The university does not accept tellers anymore and if you pay with teller, you will be fined before they will accept the teller. But, the university advises students to use online payment. 

Before you can pay your acceptance fee, you have to print your admission letter. 

Follow these easy steps to print your admission letter :

  • Go to
  • Fill in your Username. 
  • Fill in your Password. 
  • Click Login. 
  • Click on Download Admission Letter. 
  • Scroll down and click PDF. 
  • Your Admission Letter will be printed in PDF format. 

Now, to pay your acceptance fee online, follow these steps;

  • Go to
  • Fill in your Username. 
  • Fill in your Password. 
  • Click Login. 
  • Click Make Payment. 
  • Click Acceptance Fee. 
  • You can click both Acceptance Fee and Tuition Fee if you are paying both. 
  • You will see option to pay with Etranzact
  • You can use ATM cards (MasterCard or Visa). 
  • Fill in the appropriate details. 
  • You will be charged a fee by your bank. 
  • An Etranzact receipt will be send to your profile for successful payment. 
  • You can print the receipt for registration purposes. 
  • Or download the receipt. 
  • Send a copy of the Etranzact receipt to

That is it for online payment of acceptance fee. 

To pay through commercial banks,

  • Go to any of the acceptable commercial banks. 
  • Present your Application ID (it is a six-digit number). 
  • Your Application ID will be used as reference on the Etranzact payment platform.
  • The bank will charge a fee (N350)
  • You will be given an Etranzact receipt. 
  • Scan the receipt and send to
  • Keep your copy safe. 

The acceptable commercial banks for payment of Babcock University (BU) fees are;

  • Wema Bank
  • United Bank for Africa (UBA) 
  • Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) 
  • First Bank
  • Access Bank

That is it for payment of Babcock University (BU) acceptance fee. 

Babcock University (BU) Undergraduate School Fees Schedule

Here, I am going to outline the school fees schedule for Babcock University for undergraduates. 

As expected, the school fees schedule for new undergraduate students and old ones is different. This is because of all the extra fees paid by freshers. 

It is arranged according to departments and levels. This means different school fees for different departments and different levels of study. 

Below is the school fees schedule for both new and old students. 

Undergraduate New Students (i.e. 100 level) 

Agriculture 694,371
Banking & Finance 970,999
Biochemistry 851,299
Biology 644,922
Business Administration 812,299
Chemistry 644,922
Computer Information System914,576
Computer Science 914,576
Computer Technology 914,576
Performing Arts/Music/English Studies/French790,422
Education Programs643,708
History & International Relations 858,109
Information Resource Management 790,422
Information Technology 790,422
International Law & Diplomacy790,422
Medical Laboratory Science 1,031,876
Marketing 812,299
Mathematics/Physics/Electronics 644,923
Mass Communication 812,299
Microbiology 851,299
Nursing Science 1,031,876
Nutrition & Dietetics807,545
Physiology 1,009,999
Political Science 790,422
Public Health988,122
Social Work 829,422
Public Administration 790,422 
Software Engineering 873,176
Theology 746,667
Medicine & Surgery 3,248,400

This is the total of school fees for freshers per session. 

Acceptance fee is not included. 

Undergraduate Old Students

Agriculture 466,089466,089455,681455,681
Banking & Finance 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Biochemistry 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Biology 441,365441,365455,681455,681
Business Administration 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Chemistry 441,365441,365455,681455,681
Computer Information System568,807568,807507,261507,261
Computer Science 568,807568,807507,261507,261
Computer Technology 568,807568,807507,261507,261
Performing Arts/Music/English Studies/French525,053525,053467,637467,637
Education Programs253,304253,304261,521261,521
History & International Relations 503,176503,176441,824441,824
Information Resource Management 525,053525,053467,637467,637
Information Technology 568,807568,807507,261507,261
International Law & Diplomacy525,053525,053467,637467,637
Medical Laboratory Science 568,807568,807507,261507,261
Marketing 546,930546,930479,594479,594
Mathematics/Physics/Electronics 441,365441,365455,681455,681
Mass Communication 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Microbiology 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Nursing Science 568,807 568,807 507,261507,261
Nutrition & Dietetics503,176503,176455,681455,681
Physiology 546,930546,930487,450487,450
Political Science 525,053525,053467,637467,637
Public Health/Social Work 525,053525,053467,637467,637
Public Administration 525,053525,053467,637467,637
Software Engineering 568,807 568,807 507,261507,261
Theology 481,296481,296435,868435,868

Other fees for undergraduate old students include ; 

First Semester :

  1. Clinical/Professional/Programme Enhancement Fee (N158,700) : This fee is paid by Nursing, Law, Banking & Finance, Medical Laboratory Science, Anatomy, Public Health and Physiology Students. 
  2. Laboratory Fee (N39,00) : All courses in Schools of Computing, Nursing, Basic & Applied Science, Public & Allied Health and College of Health & Medical Science. 
  3. Graduation, Alumni Fees (N47,880) : This is paid by 400-500 Level graduating students. 
  4. E-Payment Course Fee (N15,000) : To be paid by 300-500 Level students. 
  5. ICT Related Fees (N36,156) : Paid by all students at all levels. 
  6. Fraud Audit Course Fee (N35,000) : This payment is compulsory 300-400 Level International Law & Diplomacy students. It is optional for Law and Accounting students only. 
  7. Teaching Practice (N35,000) : This is paid by 200-300 Level Education students. 
  8. Miscellaneous (Other fees) : This is paid by all students. It includes fees like PCF, BUSA, IT Competence, etc. It is N193,810.
  9.  Entrepreneurship Skill Acquisition Programme : This is to be paid by all 400-500 Level students. The amount is N7,000 and to be paid by bank draft at the University Bursary. 

Second Semester :

  1. Graduating Class Project : This is to be paid by 400-500 Level graduating students. The amount is N35,000.
  2. IT Certification (N41,400) : Paid by Computer Information System, Computer Science and Computer Technology students. 
  3. Miscellaneous (Other Fees) : Paid by all students. The amount is N18,030.

Medicine & Surgery : The total school fees for Medicine & Surgery for a session is N3,132,426.

So, that is the school fees schedule for Babcock University. 

How To Pay Babcock University (BU) School Fees

You can easily pay your school fees online or through commercial banks by purchasing a bank draft. 

To pay online ; 

  • Go to
  • Fill in your Username. 
  • Fill in your Password. 
  • Click Login. 
  • Click Make Payment. 
  • Click Tuition Fee.  
  • You can click both Acceptance Fee and Tuition Fee if you are paying both. 
  • You will see option to pay with Etranzact
  • You can use ATM cards (MasterCard or Visa). 
  • Fill in the appropriate details. 
  • You will be charged a fee by your bank. 
  • An Etranzact receipt will be send to your profile for successful payment. 
  • You can print the receipt for registration purposes. 
  • Or download the receipt. 
  • Send a copy of the Etranzact receipt to

Accommodation in Babcock University (BU) 

The next important thing to think about after you have been offered admission is accommodation. 

As a newly admitted student of Babcock University (100 Level), it is compulsory to live in hostel. Returning students of 400-600 Level can leave off-campus if they want. 

Babcock University (BU) Hostel Accommodation 

Babcock University has eighteen (18) hostels under three (3) classes. The three classes of hostels are; Regular, Premium and Classic. They have different prices. 

The hostels are :

  • Regular 
  1. White Hall
  2. Nyberg
  3. Ogden
  4. Winslow
  5. Gamaliel
  • Premium 
  1. Crystal Hall
  2. Royal Hall
  3. Havilah Gold Hall
  4. Welch Hall
  5. Kings Delight Hall
  • Classic
  1. MariGold Hall
  2. Platinum Hall
  3. Felicia Adebisi Dada Hall
  4. Queen Esther Hall
  5. Gideon Hall
  6. Bethel Hall
  7. Rehoboth Hall
  8. Justice Deborah Hall

Babcock University (BU) Hostel Fees

The hostel fee is according to the class of the hall you choose. 

  • Regular – N49,560
  • Premium – N70,800
  • Classic – N106,200

These hostel fee is paid per semester. 

It is compulsory for freshers to stay in the school hostels. They can only choose between Premium and Classic. No Regular for first year students. 

Since Babcock University does not allow students to cook in the hostels, you’d be served meals. 

However, you’d have to pay for the meals under what’s called the Feeding Fee. Students can choose between daily two (2) meals and three (3) meals. 

Feeding Fee:

Meal Option1st Semester 2nd Semester 
2 Meals40,000 Naira66,764 Naira
3 Meals55,000 Naira100,174 Naira

How To Pay Babcock Hostel Fees

You pay your hostel fees during the application. So, you will apply for hostel room and then pay at the same time. 

Here ;

  • Go to
  • Fill in your Username. 
  • Fill in your Password. 
  • Click Login. 
  • Follow the procedures to make payment for your chosen hostel. 
  • Print the receipt. 
  • Take the receipt to the school’s Student Affairs Division. 
  • You will be allocated a hostel room. 

Note that the allocation of hostel rooms follows the basis of “First come, first serve”. So, apply early. 

Off-Campus Accommodation 

The cost of living off-campus varies a lot. It depends on the distance of the house from the school and what kind of accommodation it is. 

A single-room apartment will expectedly be cheaper than a self-contained apartment or flat. 

The cost varies from N30,000-N40,000 or N80,000-N150,000.

All in all, get an accommodation that fits your budget. 

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Final Words On Babcock University School Fees  

Finally, you can now see that the Babcock University School Fees is undoubtedly expensive compared to federal universities. However, learning about everything and the dues to pay is a huge step to getting started on your education in the university. 

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