How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score In 2022

how to gain admission with low jamb score

How to Gain Admission with Low JAMB score in 2021?

Do you see this? It was never meant to be.

Franklin has always been an intelligent lad. Right from secondary school, he had always been a top performer in academics. 

But what could have happened? He recently checked his JAMB results and he scored 256.

Franklin’s shattered. Mommy was calling him later that night to come to take his favorite delicacy; Egusi soup and a perfectly rolled fufu. But he wasn’t in the mood. “I don’t feel like eating”, Franklin said. He just couldn’t. 

How would Franklin break the news to his Mommy? 

This time, he stayed at home for one year, thinking that it would give him enough time to prepare and score above 300 in JAMB. But the plan didn’t work out. JAMB Why? 

Now, Franklin’s down. How is he going to gain admission in the University even with a low JAMB score? 

Recently, I have heard stories of the recent JAMB results, and how it was very low for many people. So, in this guide, I will be explaining how you can gain admission into the University even with a Low JAMB score in 2021. 

First of all, I would explain to you the kind of achiever’s mindset you need to embrace, give you reasons why people score low in JAMB, and yes, explain how you can gain admission into the University even with a low JAMB score. 

Let’s ride! 

Some Reasons Why People Perform Poorly in JAMB 

1. Underestimation

In my article on how to score above 300 in JAMB, I said that JAMB is deadly. 

Now I reiterate again, JAMB is dangerous; It doesn’t care about your emotions, your financial status, challenges, problems faced at home, educational background, or the hours spent reading.

It’s simply ruthless, so students should give in all they’ve got. Letting gl of distractions, the Whatsapp, Facebook, social media and totally committing into this reading culture. 

Most people score low in JAMB because they fail to understand this simple rule; that you’ve got to give it all you’ve got. 

JAMB is hard; understand that, it’s a do-or-die affair. You either score super high, gain admission into your desired course, or score lower than expectations and feel bad.

2. Not Following Exam Ethics

If you had read my post earlier on scoring above 300 in JAMB, you’d see that I gave some exam ethics that I advised aspirants to follow. 

The point is that JAMB is garbage in garbage out system, meaning whatever you feed into it, as you’re answering your questions, is what it’ll give you. 

So, most students score low even after reading well, is that they don’t coordinate themselves well in the exam hall and tend to feel tense, choose wrong answers mistakenly, and finally think they’ve done well. 

3. Not Taking Enough Time to Think

During my JAMB examination, I gave myself 40 seconds for each question. Though there were some questions I solved within 10 seconds or thereabout, I didn’t take a speed bike to click the answers.

Instead, after I’ve gotten the correct answer, I gave extra time to think. And during that process, I would compare each option, canceling them for being wrong. Then after the thought process, double-check, before clicking. 

My method may not be the ideal way to follow, but the common thing is that students should think thoroughly before answering questions, and failure to do this may result in silly mistakes and consequentially a low JAMB score.

4. Not Reading the Novel Well Enough 

Everyone will write English in the UTME. However, most students neglect that expectation because they feel it’s an area of their expertise. I mean, they can speak it so it should be easy, isn’t it? But that’s not always so. 

Some students get low scores because they don’t read the JAMB recommended novel very well and end up reading summaries from other people who have. Meanwhile, JAMB may set questions from paragraphs that one would have aced if he read in-depth. 

5. Not Preparing For English Properly

Biology may be super interesting, physics a sweet story involving principles and mechanics, but what about English? Painfully, English serves as one of the major setbacks why some don’t get high scores.

But this is not the time to worry about your JAMB score, is it? You’re actually looking for the way further! Now, here’s how you can gain Admission in Nigeria even with Low JAMB Score.

3 Ways To again Admission With Low JAMB Score 2021

1. Go For Universities with Higher Admission Chances Through Change of Course 

Do you know you can change institutions and get admission even with a Low JAMB score? Shortly after UTME, JAMB provides an avenue for students to change course and institutions depending on their choice. And you can tap into this too if you choose wisely! Now, how do you determine which one is better? 

You should know that there are different Universities in Nigeria with their unique competition. But in this case, you should go for ones that are less competitive. They will give you a higher chance at admission because lesser people go for them.

You should consider universities in the North. Chances are that you can even study a competitive course with a low JAMB score because the population of students applying for the school is way lesser than that in southern Nigeria. 

If you’ve written Post-UTME for any school and find out that you fall short of the cut-off mark required to gain admission, then you can change to schools that haven’t started theirs. With this method, you can quickly try out your chances, prepare super hard, and even make it!

2. Change Course – How To again Admission With Low JAMB Score

If you’ve been following the admission trends, you’ll realize this: Thousands of students choose some courses more than others.

For example, Medicine and surgery receive over 10,000 applications per year in Universities like UNN, UNILAG, OAU. However, in some other courses, the population of applicants is fewer. 

It’s expected that such courses like Law, Medicine, Dentistry, etc, will be super competitive and harder to gain admission with a low jamb score.

Although this method doesn’t favor all, you can still gain admission with a low JAMB score if you change course to a less competitive one. 

You can go on research and find out courses that are related to what you initially wanted to study. However, you must not always do this; if you’re truly enthusiastic about gaining admission in a particular course, then your best bet is to wait another year.

3. Work Super Hard For Post-UTME to gain admission with low jamb score

Chisom was an epitome of grace and surprising success in one of the admission processes In one of the years, in UNN. In her JAMB, she had 295. Although it wasn’t low, but for a course like Medicine in UNN back then, it wasn’t enough. 

However, she didn’t give up hopes; she fought through hard work and determined preparation. And to her surprise; God did it for her! She aced over 370/400 in her post-UTME, ended up with a sweet average, and finally gained admission to study Medicine and surgery!

Chisom’s story was a perfect epitome of faith and hard work, and you can also be like her if you’re willing to put in the grind. You have quite a low JAMB score, never give up. Keep on pushing; work super hard and ace your post-UTME. Here are some things that’ll be helpful; 

Start Early: Early preparations are the ingredients of success in Post-UTME. If you want to gain admission even with a Low JAMB score, then begin early preparations and start reading.

Get Acquainted with Past Question: Take a look at past questions from your school of choice. What does it look like? What kind of questions do students get to answer? Find out every nitty-gritty about your school’s Post-UTME and begin preparations.

Continue with JAMB preparations: If your school of choice does test students of subjects written in JAMB, then you’re in luck. You can keep on preparing as you’ve done during JAMB. This time will be easier because you can point out your weak points and attack them fiercely.

Final Words On How To Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score 

Getting a low JAMB score is not the end of life. You can actually still gain admission, if only you want. In this aspirant’s guide, I’ve laid down three fantastic tips you can use to gain admission with low JAMB score. 

I initially started it with reasons for the Low JAMB score and finalized it with some tips for smashing post-UTME for your school of choice. 

Is there any question you want to ask concerning how to gain admission with a low JAMB score in Nigeria? Then let’s get to the comment section! I can’t wait to see you reach your dreams! 

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