What Does Centesis Mean In Medical Terms? Find Out!

what does centesis mean in medical terms?

There are some cases whereby we come across some words that attract our attentions.

These English words belong to their various category or more.

Some of the words plays a vital role in the category it belongs. An example of such is ‘’Centesis’’.

In the medical field, the term ‘’Centesis’’ comes into play for a specific situation or occurrence.

In this article on medicsdomain, we’ll discuss the meaning and the concept of the medical term ‘’centesis’’.

Before we do that, let’s talk about medical terms first.

What are Medical Terms?

Medical terms are words or terminologies that can be used to bring a pure description of a particular medical condition or situation to the table of understanding.

Most times we tends not to understand what our doctor or nurse is saying when describing a medical situation to us. They use these words called medical terms to describe medical conditions or explain medical situation we find very difficult to comprehend. These words are known as medical terms.

In medical field, medical terms are used to describe the human body, diseases that can affect, the diagnosis, the treatment, containment of disease, processes, procedures, conditions affecting it and remedies tendered to it.

However, most of the medical terms we use today are purely originated from the Greek and Latin region of the world. But their pronunciation and meaning are retained in English language.

The words are not usually complete and meaningful unless affixes (either prefix or affix) are added to it to completely express a particular condition.

Prefixes and suffixes with specific meaning are added to different kind of words to give them a specific meaning. These words are known as root words. They are words that explains the part of the body system and condition. A good example of these affixes are centesis, hyper, pathy, emia, myel, etc.

Why Do We Use Medical Terms?

Before we dive into what does centesis mean in medical terms, lets take a little history on medical terms.

We use medical terms because of it’s importance and relevancy in the medical world. We use them because it is used in expressing medical conditions, their processes, and procedures. Every medical term refers to a particular part of the body system and condition.

Medical terms gives the opportunity to get the specific description of a particular condition or situation there by saving us the time to talk too much, especially between medical personnel.

Hope you can now see that using medical terms is a concise way of describing a part, function, or condition of the body system. Example of a medical term is Anatomy, which means the study of the different part of the body, to discover their situation, structure, and economy; dissection.

So we’ll be talking about ‘’centesis’’ and the role it has to play in the description and explanation of medical terms.

What Does ‘’Centesis’’ Mean In Medical Term?

This particular word ‘’Centesis’’ is a medical term written as centesis-.

Centesis– is a suffix, which means it is not a complete word on it’s own but have to join with some words to become complete and meaningful.  

Some when you see a question like this, ‘’what does centesis mean in medical terms’’, you don’t need any one to explain to you what it mean again, that is after going through this article. Previously we talked about ‘what does Cele mean in medical terms?

Some Good Examples of Medical Terms with Centesis and what it actually means

There are a lot of medical terms in the world, but in I’m going to list only the ones that has the suffix centesis – and what they actually mean.

1.Pericardiocentesis: what does centesis mean in medical terms

Pericardiocentesis is simply the absorption of liquid (fluid) from the space that surround the heart called pericardial space. This is also a medical process, it has to do with the aspiration of fluid from the pericardium.  This a medical condition which people usually battles with and those with this condition has use to have some certain symptoms like;

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart rate
  • Low oxygen levels
  • Difficulty in breathing or shortness of breath
  • Chest pain
  • Swelling in the legs or abdomen
  • Chest fullness

2. Amniocentesis

 This is one of the test carried out for a pregnant woman to get the details and information about the fetus. This test is done by sampling the amniotic fluid which contains cells and chemicals.

This test is carried out to check whether a fetus has the syndrome we call ‘down syndrome’. However, amniocentesis test are also done to the clear information about genetic disorder other than down syndrome, infection in the fetus, blood type of the fetus, readiness of the fetus’ lung to survive outside the uterus and neutral tube defects.

The problems associated with amniocentesis, which includes injury, infection, foot defect, bleeding. So with this basic information, I’m quite sure you now understand what it means by amniocentesis.

3. Enterocentesis

Enterocentesis is a process that involves puncturing the intestine to withdraw gas or fluid. This is the puncturing of needle in the intestine to absorb fluids. These fluids are seen in the heart and tends to cause fast breath. Enterocentesis is one of the medical terms that explains what centesis mean in medical terms.

4. Thoracentesis: What Does Centesis Mean In Medical Terms

If you are confused about what centesis mean in medical term, here is another clear example that thoroughly gives the clear meaning of it. Thoracentesis is an intrusive medical process that is taken to remove the fluid or air from the space with pleural for the purpose of diagnosis. There are several means to remove fluid and thoracentesis is one of them.

5. Paracentesis

This is a medical procedure where by the peritoneal cavity is punctured with to get the sample of a peritoneal fluid from the abdomen. This procedure is used to remove fluid from the peritoneal cavity whenever there is difficulty in removing it by medication. Fluids are drained by the process of paracentesis. Hence, it is one of the procedures that you must know if you really care to know what centesis mean in medical terms.

6. Aquocentesis

Aquocentesis is a medical term. It is related to veterinary. If you have been looking for what centesis mean in medical terms, and your main question is pointing a finger at aquocentesis, you don’t have a problem, just read through.

Aquocentesis is a fluid which lodge around the area between the lens and the cornea in the anterior chamber. This fluid is usually finds in Dogs, as it can fill up and create a serious pressure in the eyes. The process of draining this fluid that create pressure in the eye of a dog is called aquocentesis.

 7.  Rachicentesis

This is a medical term. Have you been wondering what centesis mean in medical terms and you come across this particular word, rachicentesis, but found it difficult to understand what it actually?.

Anyway, rachicentesis is a process that involves penetrating or piercing something with a pointed object. when you pierce an object with a pointed needle, knife or any sharp object at all, the process is called rachicentesis.

Now, you have known the meaning of rachicentesis, there is no more complications again whenever you come across it.

8. Celiocentesis: What Does Centesis Mean In Medical Terms

Often times, we come across some words, we are not familiar with and we keep wondering what they actually means. Such words can come as celiocentesis. However, celiocentesis is a removal of fluid from the abdomen.

There are several means in which fluid can be removed, but here we are only concerned about celiocentesis. If this word is among the word that you have heard while communicating with your doctor, on the what does centesis mean in medical term, you have no issue any longer, now that you have read through this.

9. Cordocentesis

 The diagnostic prenatal test in which blood sample is removed from the cord is termed cordocentesis. It is also used to detect certain genetic disorders, infection and blood condition. This process is somewhat rare this days. The process has come a long way like being often used to test anemia in a baby.

10. Culdocentesis

This is a medical procedure which involves he extraction of fluids from the ouch through a tinny and pointed needle. There are several diseases which can be diagnosed with this procedure, and one of them is pelvic inflammatory diseases and ruptured ectopic pregnancies that are capable of causing hermoperitoneum. 

Are you still confused on what centesis mean in medical terms? Anyway there are so many medical terms but knowing what they really mean is the main thing.

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What Does Centesis Mean in medical terms: conclusion

After going through this article, you can attest to it that medical terms is the easiest way to describe a medical condition or situation in a concise manner.

People usually come across a word that pique their interest, but stumbles at the verge of understanding what the word actually mean.

As there are a lot of medical terms in the world, you would like to check out this article, ”what is the meaning of dys in medical terms?”.

 With this concise article, we hope you now have full understanding on what centesis mean in medical terms.

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