What Does chondro Mean In Medical Terms?. Find Out!

 What does chondro mean in medical terms?

In life, there are so many things we know and at the same time there are so many things we don’t know.

Trying to know those things isn’t a bad idea, because human being grows every day by the new things we learn.

So, that’s the reason we brought this idea of writing on this topic, ‘’what does chondro mean in medical terms?’’.

Most at times, you’ll be left in confusion trying to figure out what’s the meaning of a particular word.

Let’s take for instance, you visit the hospital and your doctor is using a medical term to express himself, what are you going to do?.

Medical terms are very important in explaining a medical condition.

It is often used by those medical practitioners in the medical field to describe the body system, medical condition or situation.

Those words are members of their various categories. Example  ‘’chondro’’.

In this article, on Medicsdomain, we are going to talk about ‘’chondro’’ and what it means in medical terms.

What Are Medical Terms?

Medical terms are terminologies of medicine used to describe a particular medical condition.

These terms are mainly used by the medical practitioners in the medical field.

There times we comes across some kind of words that look strange to us, maybe we haven’t heard about it for once or we have heard it before but don’t know what it means.

These words are called medical terminologies (in short form terms).

They are commonly used by the doctors, nurses or lab technicians who deal with the human health.

Medical terms, have regular pattern. The affixes (Prefix and Suffix).

These patterns go a long way in making the terms retain a particular pronunciation and meaning.

Affixes functions as the word used to complete a particular word by adding it to the root words to make a meaning in English.

The affixes can either be a prefix or suffix which are added to root words, example of such are, Chondro, Cele, Megaly, Pathy, Penia, Centesis, etc.

These affixes are added to root words and are used to describe a particular meaning.

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Why Do We Use Medical Terms?

We use medical terms because that is surest way to express ourselves medically.

However, medical terms functions are the terminologies or medical language commonly used in the medical field to describe a particular medical situation or condition.

Medical practitioners use it to describe the human body system, medical condition or situation.

Have you ever imagined spending a whole day in the hospital trying to understand a particular disease or sickness which your doctor is explaining to you.

Whereas that particular disease or medical condition can be described with just one word and the time and stress will be saved.

So, there are so many functions of medical terms which are beneficial to man, that’s why we used it on our daily life.

What Does ‘’Chondro’’ Mean In Medical Terms?

Chondro – is a prefix. It means cartilage.

Chondro – is actually written as chondro –.

As a prefix, it is added to root words to retain a pronunciation and meaning in English.

There are lot of medical terms but we are more concerned with this particular one, ‘’chondro’’.

 So, I’m going to explain everything about chondro and it’s functions in medical terms.

Examples Of Medical Terms With Chondro and What Does it Mean?

There are lots of medical terminologies that either start or end with chondro.

But we are going to list few of them that we found very useful and are regularly used.

I’ll explain them one after the other and also list their various symptoms if there’s any, for those that are medical terminologies.

Now, below are the examples of the medical terms that has chondro – and what they actually mean.

1 .Chondrotomy: What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?

Chondro, is a medical terms which means the act dissecting or cutting a cartilage.

This particular medical term is commonly used in the laboratory during dissection.

It used by medical practitioners to describe a medical condition in the medical field.

So, I hope you now know what chondrotomy means in medical terms?.

2 .Chrondroitin

This is a medical terminology which signifies the molecules that occurs naturally in the body.

Chondroitin is one of the major component of cartilage.

Chondroitin can be taken as a substance too. When taken for a long time, it can cause stomach pain, diarrhea, and bloating.

I hope you understand what chondroitin mean.

3 .Chondrodite: What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?.

Chondrodite is not a medical term rather a mineral. It is unlike other terms, which are medical terminologies used to describe the medical conditions.

This mineral is also known as grainy. It is associated with skarn and serpentinite.

With these brief information, I hope you now understand what chondrodite mean.

4 .Chondrocyte

This is a medical terms which means a cell of cartilage

Chondro is not a medical condition rather an explanation to a particular thing.

So, I hope you now understand what chondrocyte means.

5 .Chondromata: What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?.

Chondromata is related to cartilage. It is also associated noncancerous tumors made of cartilage.

This cartilage is the flexible connectivity between two bones in the tissue.

It is caused by the steady outgrowth of the cartilage that lines the ends of the bones and persistent of growth of the original, embryonic cartilage.

There are various symptoms of this particular condition. They includes, enlargement of the affected finger, slow bone growth in the affected area.

6 .Chondrology: What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?.

Chondrology is a medical terms that deals with the study of cartilage. This terms is used commonly by those in the anatomy department in the hospital or school.

Another group of people that uses this terms often are those that are in the orthopedic section.

When ever you hear about chondrology, have it in mind that it’s talking about cartilage and it’s components.

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7 .Chondrostei

Whenever you hear the word chondrostei, know that is talking about a fish.

Chondrostei is a type of a particular fish in the sea known as cartilaginous fish.

This fish shows some degree f characteristics called ossification. Chonrostei came from bony fish originally.

Now, I hope you know what chondrostei is talking about.

8 .Chondrocranium: What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?.

This is a medical term which describes so many things about cartilage. Before ossification, the cartilaginous cranium of an embryo that occurs is termed chondrocranium.

Chondrocranium is a medical terms which deals with cartilage. It does not describe a medical condition but describes so many things about cartilage.

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What Does Chondro Mean In Medical Terms?: Conclusion

Medical terms are very important, both in the hospital, clinic, laboratory or the medical field at large.

Now, you have seen how medical term is used to easily describe the body system and medical condition and situation.

You have also seen how Chondro can be added to root words to retain it’s pronunciation, definition and meaning.

So, with all these things written above, we hope don’t any problem again regarding to this particular topic, ‘’what does chondro mean in medical terms?.

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