Fancy Nursing Uniform Styles To Rock In Nigeria (2022)

nursing uniforms styles in nigeria
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Do you want to know fancy nursing uniform styles to sew in Nigeria?

As a Nursing student of Nigeria, you’d know this;

Nursing is a highly lucrative medical course in Nigeria that can set you for life when you know your onions. And in the school of Nursing, you’d need to wear a particular uniform to receive classes every day.

However, the Nursing uniform styles in Nigeria is not the same for everyone. The type you wear is determined by your rank in the Nursing field of medical line.

Some Nurses wear several colored belts as a sign of their rank while others don’t. Whichever it is, as a Nursing aspirant or student, you should read this guide to know the uniform styles in Nigeria to suit your studying and work-life!

In this article, you will learn about the new nursing uniform fashion styles as well as the types each Nurse’s rank wear. Enjoy!

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What do Nurses In Nigeria Wear?

Engineers during work time wear overall wears. Doctors do wear scrubs and laboratory coats. The police, army, bankers, and all other professionals have their unique outfits. But what do Nurses wear?

1. White Apron

The Uniform for Nurses consists of a white apron, cap, and shoe. The Nursing profession started way back before colonization. However, the nursing uniforms styles in Nigeria were reformed by Florence Nightingale.

She contributed a lot to the outfits of Nurses In Nigeria. The aprons were designed in mind to prevent the Nurse from diseases. However, these days health professionals have reformed the uniform to what it is today.

2. White cap

The white cap was initially designed by nuns to embrace the hair of nurses. It is now part of their uniform which serves as a symbol of their profession.

Fancy Nursing Uniform Styles To Sew in Nigeria

1. Overall Jacket Style with V shaped Neck

You do know what laboratory coats look like, don’t you? So, this Nursing uniform style in Nigeria involves you sewing it like a jacket but fit your body. It will be long enough to reach your knee and short-sleeved. The buttons run all the way from up till down.

2. White Gown with buttons arranged one side from the V shaped neck

In this uniform style, the V-shaped neck proceeds into the buttons which lie at one side of your body. As usual, the style will be fit. The neck is V-shaped with no collar. The buttons can be quite larger and more fashionable.

3. Overall jacket style with buttons in one side and flapped neck

nursing uniform styles in nigeria with buttons

This nursing uniform styles in Nigeria is like the first I mentioned. It looks like a lab coat that’s long to reach the knee. The buttons here are instead positioned to one side. Also, the neck have collars.

4. Overall jacket with Necks, buttons and sleeves of different colors

In this uniform style, you tell your fashion designer to make the neck collar, buttons and sleeve ends of another color (blue is a great one). Here’s an example in this image.

nursing uniform styles in nigeria

There are other styles shown in the featured image in the first paragraph. There are also other inspirations you can draw from this pin.

Male Nursing Uniforms Styles in Nigeria

Male nurses wear uniforms that are different from female ones. Of course, they shouldn’t be wearing gowns. Instead, they wear, tops and trousers that look like scrubs. The color depends on the school you’re attending.

male nursing uniform styles in nigeria

Factors to consider when buying or sewing a Nursing Uniform Styles In Nigeria

Whether you’re buying a brand new gown from a favorite store, or instructing a fashion designer to your ideal style, there are some criteria to consider before copping a nursing uniform. Here’s what you should put in mind:

1. The Neck

The neck is a very important aspect to check in your Nursing uniform. As a female Nurse, ensure the neck is not lower than normal in order not to expose your mammary glands while working. Check it out and ensure it fits your body perfectly.

2. Shape Should be considered in nursing uniform styles in nigeria

The shape of your nursing uniform also matters a lot. Firstly, watch your body shape. Then tell your tailor to make it convenient to accommodate your body curves. It shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Just normal fit. If you do this, it’d be convenient to walk and work without sacrificing comfort.

3. Length

There have been a recent trend of Nurses wearing white gowns that are way too short than normal. As a descent female Nurse, check that the length is ideal for your body. Don’t join others to sew self-acclaimed mini-skirts in the name of gowns.

4. Pockets

Pockets are an important aspect of Nursing uniform styles in Nigeria. It helps you store equipment as go anywhere. So ensure yours arrive with pockets large enough for storage.

5. Don’t forget your protective gear

Although not part of your nursing uniform, don’t neglect your protective gear- face masks, gloves, etc. You don’t want to contract diseases as you work in healthcare, do you? So put them in mind too!

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Conclusion on the Nursing Uniform Styles In Nigeria

Your appearance tells a lot and helps you feel happier and better. The same applies to Nursing uniform styles in Nigeria. In this guide, I’ve explained a couple of styles you can sew.

Do you have any other style in mind?

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