What Is The Average Medical Doctor Salary In Canada?

average medical doctor salary canada

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Why Care About Doctor’s Salary?

Deciding to become a Medical Doctor might come out very quickly.

I mean, it can be easy for anyone to say and affirm that “Yes, I would love to be a Physician! I like helping sick people get well”, and all of that. But what were the reasons behind your decision?

 Absolutely yes, you love helping people or putting smiles on patients after successful surgery, but at the same time, let’s all be honest: we need to care about Doctor’s salary.

If you’re a recent medical graduate and want to practice in Canada, you need to have an inkling of what the average medical Doctor salary is.

You need to have a rough estimate to be sure that it’ll be enough to foot your bills, pay your student loans(if you have any), and do things that you’ll enjoy(come on, Doctors are humans too!).

So keep reading to know the average medical Doctor salary in Canada.

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What is the Average Medical Doctor Salary in Canada?

Numerous factors are affecting how much money medical doctors earn in Canada.

It could be from your location, that is, which particular province you intend to practice in Canada.

Or it could depend on your specialty, or some other factors like the number of patients you treat each day, venturing into private practice, or your medical career.

We’ll talk more about these factors later in this post. For now, here’s the deal:

Regarding the Canadian Institute for Health Information CIHI, as of 2018, the average medical Doctor salary in Canada is $282,000 for general practitioners, $360,000 for medical specialists, and $480,000 for surgical specialists.

What is the Average Medical Doctor Salary in Canada by location?

In Canada, like anywhere else in the world, your salary as a medical doctor isn’t the same all over the country. Instead, it depends on your location, that is, your province.

Here’s a quick table showing the average medical Doctor salary in Canada by location:

ProvinceSalary Per MonthSalary Per Year
New Brunswick$25,177$302,123
Prince Edward Island$25,424$305,091
British Columbia$22,750$273,000
New Found Land$22,470$269,646
Nova Scotia$21,614$259,368
The average medical doctor salary in Canada differs by location.

1. Alberta

If you’re searching for a province in Canada with the highest paying salary for medical Doctors, then Alberta is the right choice! Medical Doctors here receives an average of $384,380 per year, and $32,031. Their wages are so high, little wonder why lots of physicians troop in to practice each year.

2. Ontario- Average Medical Doctor Salary In Canada

Usually, Ontario is a province with lots of population. However, this doesn’t put a cap on the average medical Doctor salary in Canada, $360,000 annually, and $30,000 monthly. You should also note that medical Doctors are not allowed to tell their earnings.

3. Manitoba

The provincial government in Manitoba requires that doctors report their earnings to the public each year because they’re regarded as public sector employees. Here, the average medical Doctor’s salary is $354,705 per year and $29,558 monthly.

4. Quebec

Quebec Doctor’s salary falls in line with the national average at $325,000 annually. Still, most of them feel that its way too much and therefore suggest that it be broken down to other healthcare professionals.

5. New Brunswick

Medical Doctors in New Brunswick earn an average salary of $302,123 every year. Although this is lower than in other provinces like Ontario, it’s good enough to live a good life. Asides from that, some Doctors earn way more, as high as $1 million each year.

6. Prince Edward Island

The average salary here is $305,091. Doctors in Prince Edward island are different from those in other provinces because they can work extra hours for money. This system is called fee-for-service, meaning that you get more money for every additional healthcare service you provide. Some doctors have used this opportunity to earn as much as $1 million.

7. Saskatchewan- Average Medical Doctor Salary In Canada

Doctors in Saskatchewan have some kind of restrictions because the provincial government has some control over their earnings. They also cap the amount each Doctor can charge for services covered by insurance companies. Notwithstanding this limitation, doctors earn an average of $288,995 annually.

8. British Columbia

The provincial government in British Columbia releases a document, the Bluebook, which gives information on the salary different medical doctors earn depending on their specialty. The average wage here is roughly $273,000 every year, and $22,750 per month.

9. Newfoundland

In Newfoundland, doctors receive an average of $269,646 annually, which is one of the lowest in Canada. Physicians have pointed out that the salary is far too short to meet up with different costs while living comfortably. Due to this, recently they’ve petitioned to the government for a raise.

10. Nova Scotia

Doctors in this province earn an average of $259,368, which is the lowest salary in Canada. Although the amount is higher than in other professions, it’s shorter than that of Doctors in other provinces.

Average Medical Doctor Salary in Canada by Specialty

The different specialties in Medicine are not rated the same when it comes to salary. Not trying to put favour over some areas, but generally, there will be some specialties in which doctors earn more than others.

According to the CIHI, here are the average medical doctor salary in Canada by specialty:

Medical Specialty Gross Annual Salary
Thoracic/Cardiovascular Surgery$600,000
General Surgery$452,000
Orthopedic surgery$426,000
Internal medicine$400,000
Plastic surgery$377,000
Physical Medicine$279,000
Family medicine$277,000
Table showing the average medical doctor salary by specialty

So, straight up from this data above, you can easily deduct that the highest paying medical specialty in Canada is Eye surgery that is Ophthalmology earning an average of $749,000. Some Eye doctors even make as much as $1 million!

F.A.Q on Average Medical Doctor Salary In Canada

How Much Do Doctors Make In Canada 2020?

The CIHI haven’t released the data showing the average medical doctor’s salary for 2020, but according to previous reports they earn an average of $282,000 annually. But it ranges between $188,000 to $560,000.

What is the Average Doctor Salary in Canada per hour?

Canadian Doctors wage are not measured per hour instead it’s per service. With reference to the CIHI, the average doctor salary charge per service is $47 for a family doctor, $82 for a specialist, and $89 for a surgical specialist.

What is the Average Doctor Salary in Canada per month?

Doctors in Canada earn an average of $23,500 per month.

What is the Average Doctor Salary in Canada per year?

Like we said earlier, the average amount doctors earn in Canada is $282,000 every year.

Summing Up on Average Medical Doctor Salary In Canada

We’d like you to know that the average salary we dished out may be lesser or more than what it is in reality. Know that they’re pure estimates, somewhat roundups of what it truly is. You might as well ask a relative or a friend who’s a doctor if you want to be certain.

We’ve come to the end of this post, where we discussed the average medical Doctor salary in Canada. You’ve not only come to know an estimate of the wage, but you’ve also learned other things.

Do you have any addition? What about comments, questions? If any then, feel free to let us know through the comment section below! Other than that, do share our posts with friends and family. Cheers!


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