How To Make Money As A Teenager In Nigeria

If you have the right information, making money in Nigeria as a teenager is simple.

There are a lot of online guides that encourage you to buy an eBook or give you advice that is not specific to Nigeria.

To help you learn how to make money as a teenager in Nigeria, I’ve put together this guide.

Teenagers must learn how to make money while they are still in school. I can be trusted. To make money, you’re never too young to start.

Long-term wealth can be yours if you begin learning about money management at a young age.

Teenagers using yahoo in your neighborhood should not cause you to lose your cool.

This is a one-time windfall that will have no lasting value. They don’t end well for yahoo boys and girls.

For the rest of your life, you will be financially secure if you learn a high-paying skill.

Because your money comes from a legitimate source, you will always have a sense of security.

Let me know in the comments if you’d like some help learning how to make money.

Free of charge, I’ll help you become a successful Nigerian adolescent.

Begin a Blog on a Specific Topic

A laptop computer is being used by a human being.

Teenagers in Nigeria can generate money by starting their own specialised blog.

Blogging is the ability to write online content that others can read. You can write on whatever you’re knowledgeable about.

You can start a technology blog, for example, if you’re a tech fanatic.

Before starting a niche blog, you need to decide on a topic you wish to write about.

A blog with a narrow focus is known as a niche blog.

Web hosting and domain name fees for a niche blog start at around five thousand naira.

To begin blogging, you must first understand how to set up a WordPress blog.

Google AdSense is the best way to make money as a teen blogger.

Comment below if you’d like a free copy of my step-by-step guide to launching a profitable niche blog.

Take a Job as an Apprentice

African shoe peddler

In Nigeria, becoming an apprentice is a frequent way to earn money as a teenager.

There are a lot of kids working as apprentices in Nigerian workshops.

Learning a business or a talent from a professional while doing an apprenticeship is known as apprenticeship.

An apprenticeship might take anywhere from one year to five years to complete.

A two-year apprenticeship in a tailoring shop is an example of what your parents can provide for you.

These two years will teach you everything you need to know to become a fashion designer.

Tailoring, mechanic repair, business, etc., are common areas of apprenticeship in Nigeria.

Learn how to sew clothes

As a Nigerian adolescent, you can generate money by learning to sew.

The fashion design industry in Nigeria is one of the best-paying in the country.

At weddings and other formal events, guests are expected to dress to the nines.

The greatest way to learn fashion design is in a fashion school. In addition, your parents can set up an appointment for you with a local tailor.

A long-term objective for fashion designers is to make money.

As an apprentice, you may not make a lot of money. However, once you complete your training as a tailor, you’ll start making money.

To enroll at a fashion school, tell your parents that you’re interested in tailoring.

A YouTube Channel

You may make a lot of money as a high school student in Nigeria by starting a YouTube channel.

Some teens are making money on YouTube nowadays.

You earn money by having others watch your YouTube videos.

To be a successful YouTuber, you must first discover your true calling.

Knowing what makes you tick is essential to achieving success. I’m referring to the thing that makes you interesting to others.

Nigerians tend to gravitate for certain YouTube subgenres, such as comedic instructional, dance videos, and cuisine videos.

In your first year as a YouTuber, you should aim for 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours.

Become a Farmer

Teenagers and adults in Nigeria can make money farming.

Few teenagers are aware that farming can generate income.

There are several profitable agricultural options, including fish, snails, and vegetables.

When I was an adolescent, I worked on my family’s farm and made a lot of money.

Depending on where you live, you may be able to pursue a career in farming, such as growing vegetables.

During the holiday season, you can raise chickens and sell them.

In Nigeria, dog breeding has become a popular means of earning extra money.

Determine what kind of farming is possible in your own backyard.

Get your parents’ support by conducting thorough research and securing funding.

Take a Course in Photography

In Nigeria, photography is a means for teenagers to gain money.

For birthdays and other special occasions, everyone enjoys posing in a studio for a photo.

In most parts of Nigeria, a studio photo costs around 1,000 naira.

The photography industry provides a steady source of income for a large number of people.

The finest part of the skill is that you can keep earning money even after you graduate from a four-year college or university.

You can take photography classes at a local studio. Please share that you enjoy taking pictures with the people you care about the most.

Digital cameras are not required for every adolescent. You will make use of the equipment at the place for your apprentice.

Scholarships are available.

In order to gain money while attending college or high school, all you have to do is win a scholarship.

In Nigeria, there are numerous scholarship options for students under the age of 25 years old.

Every year, many scholarships pay academic students upwards of 100,000 naira.

An updated scholarship list is the first step to securing a scholarship.

Click the icon below to join my scholarship WhatsApp group.

As soon as possible, sign up for the Scholarship Group

Influence People on the Internet

Increasingly, teens are turning to social media influencer marketing to supplement their part-time income.

Anyone with a big following on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook is considered an influencer.

To gain popularity, these people provide their fans with something of value. It’s possible they can dance well.

The TikTok app has made it easier than ever for teenagers to become famous in the blink of an eye.

Social media influencers are highly sought after by Nigerian brands due to their ability to increase sales.

For example, many of the music you hear today are promoted by social media influencers.

In order to be taken seriously as an influencer, you need to produce content that people want to see.

Posting memes and philosophical tweets can help you gain followers and influence on Twitter.

Become A DJ And Play Music

In Nigeria, teenagers can get money by working as a music DJ.

A DJ is a person who has a wide variety of music to choose from when hosting a party or event.

In Nigeria, DJ services are in high demand.

To keep the celebration moving, every host invites a DJ. You can’t have a wedding ceremony without a DJ spinning tunes.

Are you a fan of music?

You can learn how to be a music DJ by shadowing an experienced local DJ who is already making a name for himself.

Learn how to design graphics

Nigerians can start making money at a young age by learning graphic design, which is a popular soft talent in the country.

Graphic designers are in greater demand than ever before.

A graphic designer is someone who creates posters, logos, and other visual representations.

Most of the church program posters you see around town are the work of a graphic designer.

On YouTube, you can learn how to be a graphic designer.

However, if you’re a Nigerian kid, going to a local computer center is the better option.

During the summer, your parents can sign you up for a class in graphic design.

Studying to be a Hairstylist

Teenagers in Nigeria can generate money by learning hairdressing.

You may earn money every day as a hairstylist.

Ladies, regardless of their financial position, must plait their hair in order to appear their best.

It is possible to make money as a hairstylist if you are good at styling hair.

When you go to college, you’ll be able to make money off of the expertise.

As a hairstylist, you may also have the opportunity to go abroad.

If you want to become a hairdresser, you’ll need six months of training.

The local hair salon where you live will put you on the books as an apprentice, thanks to your parents.

Hairdressing is a career that requires a long-term investment of time and effort.

Learn how to apply make-up.

In Nigeria, learning makeup is a lucrative career path for young women.

Makeup is a big deal for young women in Nigeria when they’re going out. On exceptional occasions, they hire makeup artists to provide the finishing touches to their looks.

When you’re a teen, you can earn money by taking makeup classes.

If you’re interested in cosmetics, tell your parents about it! They’ll get you set up with a cosmetics artist in your neighborhood.

Makeup artist training takes six months to finish.

Stuff for sale on campus

clothing on the market

Secondary school students might make money by selling items at school.

You can generate money at your secondary school by selling a variety of legal items.

Find out what your students want to buy and sell.

You may, for instance, do business with a local phone accessories store.

You make 3,000 naira on an AirPod that cost you 2,550 naira to purchase. Five hundred naira will be yours as a result of this transaction.

Legal products must be sold. Selling illicit or stolen goods might land you in jail, and that’s the last thing you want.

Take Care of Your Automobiles

Washing the automobile of a Nigerian man

As a teenager, car washing provides an opportunity to earn money.

On the weekends, you may offer your services as a vehicle wash.

Inform local motorists that you would wash their vehicles for a discounted fee.

Some folks will let you wash their cars if they know you well enough.

To work as a vehicle washer, you must be a law-abiding adolescent in your locality.

Writing as a Freelancer

A university student working on his laptop

Teenagers may generate money online through freelance writing, which is a high-paying skill.

There are several ways you can make money writing online.

You can get paid to write articles for others online.

You need to understand how to write articles that are devoid of plagiarism and errors.

As your writing skills improve, you will earn more money.

As a Nigerian adolescent, you may make the most money writing for Upwork.

Pastries and Baking


As a teenager, you can make money by learning how to make cakes, cupcakes, and other pastries.

People their age enjoy eating sugary treats. Students at your school can purchase cakes and tiny chops you produce and sell.

It’s as easy as ABC to learn how to create cake. You can either take an online course or enroll in a catering school to master the trade.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them to me.

As a Nigerian adolescent, you may be wondering how you may begin earning money.

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