Anaso Emmanuel

Anaso Emmanuel

My name is Anaso Emmanuel and I’m the founder of MedicsDomain; an SEO Expert, Content Writer and an Enthusiastic learner. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary Medic but secretly I use this blog to help aspirants get into medical school, provide insightful guides and connect with others like me.

How To Wash Scrubs The Sensible Way

how to wash medical scrubs

Do you want to know how to wash scrubs the right way? As a medical student/doctor, nurse, laboratory technician or any medical practitioner, you know this; Medical practice is intense. Attending to patients needs is a super important responsibility on…

Do Doctors Get Drug Tested? Find Out!

do doctors get drug tested

Have you been wondering “Do Doctors get Drug tested?” Like you know, Doctors are medical practitioners that treat diseases and take care of people’s health. But do they take drugs and do they get tested for such drugs in any…

Medical Doctor Salary In South Africa 2021

medical doctor salary south africa guide

Medical Doctor salary in South Africa in 2021: The South African health sector has evolved over the years to become a leading and compelling sector that contributes significantly to the national economy and that of other countries. Despite significant limitations,…