UNN School Fees, Hostel And Acceptance 2021

Unn school fees schedule

The question “How much is UNN School fees schedule is one of the first things you should know after gaining admission in this prestigious university. 

Even if you’re a returning student, it’s super important to know how much is UNN school fees are for the next session in order to make preparations. 

You’d also like to know UNN hostel fees and every other thing you’d need to pay for so you can settle quick and begin the session with concentrated jacking 🙂. 

Are you searching for the UNN school fees schedule? That’s exactly what I am going to explain in this guide! 

First of all, I’ll begin with an overview of how much is school fees schedule for UNN. Then I’d move to the tuition for different courses in the University of Nigeria. 

Are you newly admitted? Then you never have to worry as I’d guide you to how to pay the UNN school fees online, as well as hostel fees, acceptance fee, and other accommodation issues!

When you’re done reading this guide, you’d have known all about the school fees schedule. Let’s get to it immediately! 

Overview of UNN 

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka is the first Indigenous university in Nigeria founded in 1960. It presently has four campuses: 

  • Nsukka 
  • Enugu campus 
  • Old-UNTH 
  • UNTH- Ituku Ozala 

The presitiguoud university is home to numerous courses including medicine and surgery, law, dentistry, pharmacy, etc. 

The first Campus is the largest among all, and houses the biggest digital library in Western Africa. 

What about it’s Enugu campus; UNEC? It’s home to professional courses like Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Health sciences, and Environmental sciences. 

The teaching hospitals are top-notch and also serve as academic lecture halls for medical students in their clinicals. 

The University of Nigeria, is indeed a wise choice for your further education learning. But what about the school fees? Let’s get to it!

How is UNN school fees schedule arranged?

There are different departments and faculties in the University of Nigeria, and the Fees are structured according to this factor. 

Here are some of the major classification according to the school fees;

  • Medicine 
  • Law 
  • Dentistry 
  • Arts 
  • Biological sciences 
  • Environmental sciences 
  • Engineering 
  • Social sciences 
  • Vocational technical education 
  • Physical sciences 
  • Health sciences and technology 
  • Agriculture
  • Veterinary medicine 
  • Education 
  • Business administration 

How much is UNN School Fees For 2019/2020

Presently, due to the pandemic, a lot of planned activities didn’t go in order, and the University of Nigeria school fees schedule for 2020/2021 is not yet out. 

However, if you want to know what the school fees in the University of Nigeria is like, here’s that of 2019/2020;

How much is UNN School fees for medicine and surgery 

  • Fresher- 77,200
  • 2nd year- 52,100
  • Other years- 46,500
  • Final year- 47,500

Here’s a detailed guide on the UNN school fees for medicine and surgery and every other thing to consider.

law department 

  • Freshers- 76,200 
  • 2nd year- 50,600
  • Other years- 45,500
  • Final years- 46,000 


  • Freshers- 77,200
  • 2nd year- 51,600
  • Other years- 46,500 
  • Final years-47,000


  • Freshers- 70,700
  • 2nd year-51,100
  • Other years-40,000
  • Final year-40,500

Biological sciences 

  • Freshers-71,700
  • 2nd year-46,100
  • Other years-41,000
  • Final year-41,500

Environmental sciences 

  • Fresher-73,200
  • 2nd year-47,600
  • Other years-42,500
  • Final year-43,000 

How much is UNN school fees for engineering 

  • Freshers-74,200
  • 2nd year-48,600
  • Other years-43,500
  • Final year-44,000


  • Freshers-64,700
  • 2nd year-45,100 
  • Other years-40,000 
  • Final year-41,000

Social sciences 

  • Freshers-70,700
  • 2nd year-47,600 
  • Other years-40,500 
  • Final year-41,000

Physical sciences 

  • Freshers- 71,700
  • 2nd year- 45,100
  • Other years-41,000
  • Final year-41,500 

Health sciences 

  • Freshers-77,20
  • 2nd year-51,600
  • Other years-46,500
  • Final year-47,000


  • Freshers-70,700
  • 2nd year-45,100
  • Other years-40,000 
  • Final year-40,500

Veterinary medicine 

  • Freshers-76,200
  • 2nd year-51,600 
  • Other years-45,500
  • Final year-46,000


  • Freshers-64,700
  • 2nd year-45,100
  • Other years-40,000 
  • Final year -40,500

Business administration 

  • Freshers-73,200
  • 2nd year-47,600 
  • Other years-42,500 
  • Final year-43,000

UNN School fees for freshers

Details Amount (N)
Registration 1,000
Health Insirance Scheme2,000
Development fee20,000
IS card 500
UNN calendar 3,000
Visual lab access1,000
Professional fees 2,500
Students Online ent fee6,500
Faculty dues 500
Departmental dues300
Course reg fee500
Internet Access12,000
Academic handbook4,600
Student Life & Accident insurance1,500
Students project1,500
Orientation materials 1,500

How Much Is UNN Acceptance Fee for Freshers

The UNN acceptance fee is the amount of money you’ll have to pay to accept your admission as a lion or lioness in the great university. 

During my time, it was 25,000 Naira but presently it has increased. Presently, the UNN acceptance fee is 30,000 Naira. 

The aim is so that your admission will be activated via the UNN portal. 

However, before you proceed to make payment do check that you’ve accepted your admission via JAMB CAPS. 

To still be eligible for your admission slot, you’ll need to make the payment before Matriculation day. 

So if you’ve just been admitted, ensure your complete the payment, done clearance, registration, and every other necessary to-dos, before Matriculation if not your admission will be mulled.

UNN Hostel Fees 

Another expense you should consider after you’ve gained admission into UNN is your accommodation. Where would you stay? 

Would you want to live off campus or lodge in a hostel? It’s all your choice to decide. 

However, if you’re staying in the hostel, here’s how much is UNN school fees schedule based on the 2019/2020 session;

Nsukka Campus hostels 

  • Males: 12,000 
  • Females: 15,000
  • Nursing mothers: 20,000 

Enugu campus 

  • Males: 15,000 
  • Females: 15,000 
  • 2-man rooms: 18,000

Piece of advice: 

However, there are some things you need to consider before staying in hostels. The point is that the application process is very competitive.

On the day that it starts, you may find out that there is a tug of network traffic, and you won’t be able to access the site as smoothly as you want. 

This may cause you to spend extra time on phone anticipating when the hostel portal will work. 

Asides that, getting a room is also tricky! You may begin to apply as many time as possible but receive “no room available”. It’s not true; they’re actually rooms but you need to keep applying until you’re lucky enough to get a slot!

Furthermore, you’ll need to pay your school fees early enough. Yes, one of the requirements for hostel application is school fees payment. So while considering a hostel, put this in mind. 

Keep on reading as later in this post, I’ll give a guide on how to apply for hostel space in UNN. 


This is not part of the payments you’d make in the school fees but if you’re going to get a lodge, you should have an estimate of what to expect. 

For places in Nsukka campus, there’s Odenigwe, Hilltop, Behind flat, Odim, etc. In UNEC, you can see lodges around Maryland or college road. 

Single rooms cost about 60k and above, while self contained rooms may be  from 150k. 

Note that; the lodge rent differs from place to place. 


There are some fees you need to put in mind although they’re not part of the school fees schedule for freshers. Here are they;

Faculty dues 

When you’re admitted into any department in UNN, you automatically become a member of that faculty association. 

For medical students, It’s UNMSA which means the University of Nigeria Medical Students Association. For Law students, It’s LAWSA, BAMSA for basic medical sciences, and so on. 

Now since you’re a member, you’d be obliged at some time each year to pay an agreed faculty due. 

The Price range differs from faculty to faculty, but it’s usually around 2,000 Naira.

Class dues 

And that’s not all! Since you also belong to a class; there’s an extra obligation for you which is to pay your class dues. This money is used for the overall running and welfare of class activities. 

The amount is determined generally by the class and can range from 100-1000 Naira depending on the need. 

What are the Bills To Pay In UNN School Fees?

So that’s it; we’ve discussed all about how much is UNN school fees for the 2019/2020 schedule. As a fresher, you’d be paying the following;

  • School fees 
  • Hostel accommodation
  • Acceptance fee

But if you’re a returning student, you’d only be paying for the first two. 

How To Pay UNN Acceptance Fee Online 2021?

Here’s a guide on how you can make payment for acceptance fee in the University of Nigeria; 

  • Ensure that you’re admitted by searching for your name on UNN admission list. To go through this, head over to the official website and search for it. 
  • Congratulations; you’re admitted! Now let’s move to how you can pay the acceptance fee! The next step is to verify your account via the portal. Visit https://unnportal.unn.edu.ng.
  • You’d see the undergraduate menu at the top of the website, then move to “create account”. Click “new student”, proceed with your registration number and post UTME application number and press “submit”. 
  • Now that you’re logged in, a pop up will remind you to change your password. Do this as soon as possible to avoid possible cyber attacks (yes, anyone can easily log in because the password is general). 
  • Take caution to fill all the details and update the form. 
  • When you’re done, submit the form and print a copy. 
  • Next log out of t portal, and login again; this time with your JAMB registration number and password. 
  • Proceed to the “Generate RRR payment invoice for acceptance fee”
  • Immediately the payment invoice will be displayed requesting that you make the payment of thirty thousand Naira only (30,000). 
  • Be super careful and check that the invoice number is correct before paying, then collect a confirmation slip form the bank having your invoice number. 

The final step is to login with your details, slot in your invoice number and complete the acceptance form. 

Next, wait for UNN physical clearance which will start as soon as freshers resume. 

How to Pay UNN School fees online 

Using a device that connects to the Internet, log in to the UNN portal using this address. 

Slot in your registration number in username, put in your designated password, then click enter or login. 

At the left corner, you’d see a row of items, go to “School Fees”.

Search through the drop down and click “Pay school fees”. A dialogue box showing the school fees payment procedure will pop up. Go through it carefully. 

When you’re done reading, exit the dial go box by clicking the X sign at the top right corner. After this, you’d be able to see the main screen. 

Next, click on “Generate School fees invoice” and a payment invoice will be generated. 

Slot in your present level, entry level and session. Your entry level is the year which you got admission while the present level is that which you’re presently at.

Proceed to any bank in your place and make the school fees payment. However, note that there may be an extra fee to complete the payment. 

After that, get the reference number from the bank which you’d use to complete the payment. Head back to your portal, login, and click “Pay school fees”. 

Put in the RRR number and that’s it, you’re done with the how much is UNN school fees! 

When will the UNN School Fees for 2020/2021 come out?

As at the time of writing this, the University of Nigeria hasn’t released her tuition schedule. However, when it is uploaded, I’ll update this page as soon as possible. 

Final words on How Much Is UNN School fees 

Alas! You’ve come to know how much is UNN school fees are, even for freshers and returning students. You’ve now gotten an estimate using the 2019/2020 session as an example. 

You can now start making preparations using this guide on how much is UNN school fees!  

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