The Latest Unilag School Fees For Medicine And Surgery 2020/2021

Unilag school fees for medicine right and surgery

If you want to know the Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery, then you are in the right domain! 

Is it expensive? Or considerably cheap? You’re going to find everything out soon! 

This post is the second episode of our Med school fees series. If you’re new here, you might want to know more about it here. 

In today’s episode, we’re going to discuss all the school fees for medicine and surgery in Unilag. 

You’ll learn about the tuition, hostel accommodation fees, and every teeny tiny detail about how much it cost to study medicine and surgery in Unilag.

If you’re in for this, then let’s get started immediately! 

Why Do You need To Know Your Medical School Fees?

Picture this scene… you’ve worked your socks off and have finally gotten admission into Medicine in a Nigerian university.

You are excited and want to get started ASAP. 

But when the time came to pay the bills and start all registrations, you found that the medicine school fees for Unilag had exceeded your estimated budget. 

And you know what that brings? Disappointment! Which is a bad feeling.

So, knowing the fees for medicine and surgery in your school of choice is a necessity. 

And no, it’s not about Unilag here because it’s one of the cheapest medical schools in Nigeria! 

Now that you’ve known that, let’s move over to the deal of this post; the Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery! 

Unilag School Fees For Medicine and Surgery: A Detailed Report 

The University of Lagos, Akoka, splits their school fees payment into two categories; science and languages, and non-sciences.

Since you’re opting for medicine and surgery, your school fees fall under the sciences.

Here are the Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery in 2019:

Here’s what freshers in 2019 paid for tuition:

Details Amount (Naira)
Acceptance fee 20,000 
Registration 5,000
Medical services5,000
Endownment fund 5,000
Matriculation 5,000
Identity card 1,000
Result verification 5,000
Sports 1,000
Lab services 10,000
Library services2,500
Students handbook 1,000
Total 66,000 

However, returning students from 200-600 level paid a lower amount for the Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery. Here’s it below: 

Details Amount (Naira)
Acceptance fee 
Registration 2500
Examination 2500
Identity card 1000
Medical services 1000
Library services 2000
Information technology 1000
Endowment fund 1000
Tiship 5000
Total 19,500

How to Pay the UNILAG school fees for medicine and surgery

After you’ve gotten an idea of the school fees for medicine and surgery in Unilag, here are easy steps to follow if you want to pay the tuition online. We’ve made everything simpler and in easy-to-understand steps:

Step 1: Head off to the University of Lagos Distance learning Institute (DLI) using this link.

Step 2: Search for the menu and then click “DLI payment portal”. Next, slot in your matriculation number, password, and login into the portal. 

Step 3: Go to “student” in the category dropdown.

Step 4: Put in your mobile phone number and your full name ( the way it’s arranged in your school details). 

Step 5: Next, put your matriculation number again in the customer number area.

Step 6: After that, go ahead in the process and enter your email address.

Step 7: The next window to pop up will ask you to select your payment purpose. Select “school fees payment” and go-ahead to generate the invoice.

Step 7: Proceed to any commercial bank in your area, pay the school fees, and voila, you’re done paying the Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery! 

How Much Does It Cost To Study Medicine In UNILAG?

Using the 2019/2020 academic session, the School fees for medicine in Unilag is 66,000 Naira for freshers and 19,500 for returning students.

However, there are still extra things you’ll need to pay for as a student at the University of Lagos. 

What About Accommodation?

Yes, accommodation is the first thing to think about concerning the UNILAG school fees. From previous records, you’ll pay 25,500 Naira for your hostel accommodation.

What if you want to stay off-campus? That’s even better! … if you’re willing to pay huge amounts of money for lodge rent! 

Yes, lodges around Unilag are very expensive. So if you’re going to stay outside, consider adding your lodge rent to the number of things to pay for, if you’re studying Medicine in the institution. 

So in summary, freshers get to pay: 

Details Amount (Naira) 
School fees 66,600
Hostel accommodation 25,500
Total 92,100

Then, returning students pay; 

Details Amount (Naira)
School fees 19,500
Hostel accommodation 25,500
Total 45,000

On average, it costs an average of 317,100 Naira total, to study Medicine and surgery in UNILAG. 

What is the Current Unilag school fees for medicine and surgery?

As of the time of writing this post, the UNILAG school fees for the current session (2020/2021), is not out yet. However, do subscribe to our blog below and bookmark this page, as we’ll update it immediately when it’s out.

Final Words 

In this Med school series, you’ve come to know how much it cost to study medicine in Unilag. You’ve also gotten a step-by-step guide on how to make payments easily! 

Are you thinking of studying medicine at the University of Lagos, then we do hope this guide has been helpful to determine your cost of getting into medical school!

Do you have any questions, contributions, or addition to the Unilag school fees of medicine and surgery? Then use the comment section below and we’ll respond ASAP! 

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