The Updated UI Cut Off Mark For Medicine And Surgery

Ui cut off mark for medicine and surgery

The UI cut off mark for medicine and surgery can be like a champions league semifinal.

Make a mistake of missing a goal opportunity by a few marks and you may get flushed out as a contender for the cup (admission). 

A lot of medical aspirants love the university of Ibadan. 

Of course, yes! Who wouldn’t want to attend the best medical school in Nigeria?

However, with that high interest by medical aspirants comes bigger competition such that even the smallest 0.1 score can make or mar one’s admission process into medical school. 

Are you searching for the UI cut off mark for medicine and surgery?

Have you written the UTME and post-UTME or are you an aspirant hoping to get into the University of Ibadan’s medical school? 

Whichever one it is, you’d find this ultimate guide very helpful! 

Here’s what you’ll be getting from this post; 

  • A brief run-down of the different cut off marks before admission 
  • The previous and recent UI cut off marks for medicine and surgery 

And not just that; you’ll also learn how cut off marks in UI are calculated and more so, extra tips from a medical student concerning gaining admission into this university! 

Let’s jump in immediately!

Overview of the University of Ibadan 

The University of Ibadan is the first university to award degrees in Nigeria. This institution previously called University college, Ibadan, was affiliated with the University of London. 

According to the Times higher ranking, Ui falls among the 400-500 position in the world best universities. It’s also the fifth best in the whole of Africa and more so the best university in Nigeria.

What about it’s medical school? That’s even the best part! This University boasts of quality equipment, superb man power, and conducive environment for turning students into top-class medical doctors around the globe. 

The University College hospital is also a top spot for health matters in the state and in Nigeria at large. It’s well equipped to train the best medical doctors. 

Examples of notable medical alumni from Ui include: Segun Toyin Dawodu, Isaac Folorunso Adewole, as well as other top health practitioners.

But what about the UI cut off mark for medicine and surgery? Let’s dive into it! 

3 Different Cut-Off-Mark-channeled Gates Before Admission 

Getting into Medicine and surgery in the University of Ibadan is a goal for many medical aspirants. 

However, before clinching that goal, here’s an overview of the gates you’ll need to pass through;

1. JAMB cut off mark 

The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the initiator of all the processes of cut off marks. But this one is a bit easy to scale through. 

After you must have written the UTME, the JAMB board then comes up with a minimum score which students must pass before getting admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria. 

For the previous year, it was 160 for Universities, 120 for polytechnics and 100 for colleges of education. 

So if you scale through 160 in your JAMB, you’ve aced the jamb cut off mark for medicine and surgery! Now let’s move to the next!

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2. School Cut off mark 

Every institution in Nigeria then sets a cut off mark to determine the kind of students to accept for their post-UTME screening. 

The University cut off mark is the score set that each student must pass before gaining admission into that school. 

Although the JAMB cut off mark for Universities is usually 160, most schools set their around 180 to 200. So always ensure you ace this gate before approaching the next. 

Now that’s all settled, let’s move to the final one before you win the UI cut off mark for Medicine and surgery. 

3. Departmental cut off mark- UI Cut off Mark for Medicine and Surgery

Now you must have passed through the gates of JAMB and the school admission cut off marks, congratulations. 

However, there’s a final one to pass; the UI departmental cut off mark for medicine and surgery. 

The Departmental cut off marks are specific scores set by each department in the tertiary institution below which no student should be admitted into that course. 

This is where a lot of competition comes in because they’re thousands of intelligent heads combating for slots less than 150. So you need to put in your best. 

Ui cut off mark medicine surgery chasing aspirant
If you don’t put in effort to fall among the top competitors for medicine, then get ready to be chased out by the UI cut off mark for Medicine and surgery. 

Now you’ve known all about that; here’s all the previous cut off marks for medicine and surgery in the University of Ibadan; 

UI Cut off Mark for Medicine and surgery: Previous years 

Firstly, the University of Ibadan has one of the most transparent admission systems in Nigeria because it deals majorly on students Performance and not on other criterias like catchment. So below, you’d find that if merit and the educationally less developed states. 

Academic SessionUI merit cut off mark for medicine and surgery ELDs

The Latest UI Cut off mark for Medicine and surgery 

For the just concluded 2021/2022 admission exercise, the University of Ibadan for the first time employed catchment, and here’s the cut off mark for medicine: 

UI cut off mark for Medicine and surgery 2021/2022
Merit 76.3
Catchment 76.25

What is the Nature of UI Post-UTME for Medicine? 

As medical aspirants, you’ll write the four subjects combinations as you did in the UTME, which is; 

  • English 
  • Biology 
  • Physics 
  • Chemistry

Each of the subjects contain 25 questions, and the time to solve all 100 questions is usually 90 minutes

How is UI Aggregate Score Calculated 

The University of Ibadan cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery is ranked using your aggregate score. But how does the UI calculate their aggregate? Here’s it below: 

Firstly, the score is over 100. To get your aggregate, you’d;

  • Divide your UTME score by 8 to get the 50%
  • Then divide post-UTME by 2 to get the remaining 50%

So UTME + Post-UTME= UI Aggregate score.

Scores to Target For the Next UI cut off mark for Medicine and surgery 

To get admission into any university in Nigeria, it’s super wise to know what the previous cut off marks were. However, if you’re an aspirant, here’s what we deduced concerning scored to target: 

The average cut off mark for medicine in the school is 76.1. So to be on the safe side and also ensure a smooth admission, you should target around 77-80. Remember, the higher your target, the easier your admission process if you clinch it. 

Here’s a more detailed target:

  • JAMB: 320+
  • Post-UTME: 75
  • Aggregate: 77.5

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3 Ultimate Tips to Ace UI’s Post-UTME with Flying Colors

Here’s an advice from a medic on how to do amazingly well in the University of Ibadan’s post UTME; 

1. Read very well

UI post-UTME is harder than JAMB. So read as much as you can for the examination. Also since it’s the final opportunity to get admission, don’t relax after a high UTME score, but instead work super hard to ace the test.

2. Prepare early enough with Past Questions 

If you want to do well in the exam, get past questions early enough. Although it’s not a sure ticket to success, it’s for you to practice constantly.

 Make sure you solve every single past question and know the answers because sometimes they may repeat in your post-UTME. Do this practice early enough  and you’d do just great! 

3. Time is key, so be smart 

The English sections will come with comprehension passages which you must obviously read before answering. 

That might not be a problem, but the question is, “will you be fast enough to work on all questions?“ 

So learn how to solve physics faster, read well, and also be conscious of time as you write. And yes, there’d be no calculators, so you need to practice calculating without them before the exam.

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Final Words on the UI Cut off Mark for Medicine and surgery 

Before getting admission into the University of Ibadan, it’s important to have an idea of the departmental cut off marks to expect as well as scores to target for admission. 

And that’s exactly what we’ve done in this aspirant’s guide ! You’ve come to know the UI cut off mark for medicine and surgery for previous years and recent one. Now go ahead and clinch your medical school dream! 

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