Last Anatomy PDF Free Download(A Complete Review)

last anatomy pdf free download

Are you searching for the Last anatomy PDF free download? If yes, then you’re in the perfect domain!

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing the Last’s anatomy textbook by Chummy Sinnatamby.

We’ll also give our opinions on why this book is excellent for learning, and yes, a link to get the PDF for free!

So, if you’re a student, you’ll find this post helpful to get this fantastic book to your library.

Let’s get started ASAP!

Why Last’s Anatomy Ebook?

Anatomy is just a course, not a full program. A single course! It shouldn’t be hectic or bulky.

Although it’s wide, with lots of topics, but it’s something to learn in a short time, not like a full program something. So, you should be able to learn the vital stuff quickly!

With textbooks bringing too much of knowledge in our present age of overwhelming information, you’ll need to settle with a concise text with straightforward concepts.

No-fuss, no junk, just direct knowledge.

In this case, you’ll need to get Last’s Anatomy Textbook by Chummy Sinnatamby!

It’s selling point is that it lays anatomical concepts in simple, straightforward, and understandable points.

Asides that, it’s an excellent textbook for further learning- that is, postgraduate students use it for their studies!

In all, if you’ve ever wanted a concise anatomy textbook to read, especially for examinations, Last’s anatomy is your best bet!

Overview of Last’s Anatomy Free PDF Download

  • Name: Last’s Anatomy, Regional and Applied
  • Author: Chummy Sinnatamby
  • Edition: 12th
  • Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
  • Imprint: Churchhill Livingstone
  • Published date: 2011
  • Language: English
  • Number of Pages: 547


1Introduction to Regional anatomy
2Upper limb
3Lower limb
6Head, Neck, and Spine
7Central Nervous system
8Osteology of the Skull and Hyoid bone
Last anatomy content

What We Liked About Last’s Anatomy PDF Free Download

1. Improved Illustrations

If you take a quick look at the older editions of Last’s, you’ll notice that the diagrams aren’t colored, and are not well described.

But in this edition, everything’s all better! The pictures are lovely- clear, brightly colored, useful labels, and easy to understand captions.

Another improvement to this text is that pictures occur more often. You’ll find at least a picture on every single page to describe the anatomical concepts.

Oh, aren’t you lucky to be born in this era?

Furthermore, the author has also included new photographs showing the anatomy of clinical, endoscopic, and surgical relevance. They’re also additional photographs showing prosections!

2. Surgical Approach

What’s the use of anatomy without application? In some textbooks, learning anatomy is different from a real-world application.

They give you core concepts without a bit of how the knowledge can be applied.

But in Last’s anatomy, everything’s all different!

This fantastic text has included a surgical approach section to necessary topics to give you an idea of what to do in the clinic.

Because of this, the book is termed to be one of the best for surgeons.

The surgical approach section also included exemplary processes by which you locate and treat problems in the clinic.

This aspect is super helpful in cadaver dissections. However, it would be best if you never replaced it for a dissection manual.

Asides that, they’ve also included the latest advances in laparoscopic surgery(a type that inspects the abdomen for problems), and even the scope of minimal access procedures.

Don’t understand these terms? Don’t worry; you’ll do when you get the book through the link below!

3. Well-laid Out Headings

Last’s anatomy is not just a chunk of information. Instead, this latest edition has made it easier to read and more interesting by using colorful heading and sub-headings.

These features make the text easy to scan and skim. Asides that, it helps you quickly detect what a particular page is describing.

4. Easy-to-use Content Online

On the first few pages of the Last’s anatomy text is a well-laid outline that gives an overview of all the topics and sub-topics to learn in anatomy.

Another plus here is that each topic is directly linked to its page number to locate your area of interest in no time!

5. Straight-Forward

When you get the Last anatomy textbook, you’ll be appalled by how small it is compared to other texts. This is because of its straightforward approach to learning.

The information is not too much, just the necessary stuff you need to know in Anatomy.

And guess what? This text will save you a whole lot of time than reading other books!

With it, you’re just like a visioned young chap who walks into the mall full of distractions, and got what he wanted in no time!

6. Perfect for Revision

Do you know why most postgraduates use the Last’s anatomy textbook? It’s because the text is concise and great for revision.

You know, they’ve already covered most things in anatomy. So, they need a book that’s direct to the point, and that’s Last!

After reading chunks of knowledge during school sessions, it might be challenging to remember the basic stuff.

Don’t fret; anatomy is volatile. And in this case, if you want to grab all the essential things to learn in a short time, use Last’s anatomy regional and applied textbook!

What we Disliked about Last anatomy -PDF Free Download

Like any product, there will be some downsides.

Last’s anatomy regional and applied textbook by Chummy Sinnatamby is excellent for learning, but it’ll have been better if the following was considered:

1. No proper Introductions

As a child, you know, before getting started with the big words like Pneumonia, you went through learning the letters of the alphabet.

But how do you feel if someone heads up to teaching you the big stuff? You’ll feel overwhelmed, right? That’s like the same thing here.

One thing you may not like about this text is that its not too friendly for a beginner.

If you’re just new to anatomy, we recommend you get your foundation from lecture notes or more explainable texts like Clinical anatomy by Keith Moore.

There you’ll get to learn about planes, movements, and directions of the body and all of that.

2. Not enough Images

Although the latest edition of the Last’s anatomy arrives with improved illustrations, they’re not enough for your full understanding.

In this case, we recommend you get a good atlas textbook, and you’re good to go!

How to Get the Last’s Anatomy PDF Free Download

Yes, yes, you made it this far! Now, it’s time to download the Last’s anatomy textbook to your devices!

Here’s a quick link to download the book. We value our users, so there’s no ads or any sort of that- just direct download link. Enjoy!

You can also get the book directly to you by purchasing on Amazon.

Download Here

Final Thoughts on the Last Anatomy PDF Free Download

Anatomy may take lots of hours to read. But with the right book and smart reading skills, you’ll spend way less.

We’ve reviewed the Last’s Anatomy Textbook for you. We also included a link to get it to your device.

We do hope this post helped make your choice. And yes, lest we forget, we love comments– don’t forget to give your thoughts or additions to this post through the comment box below!

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