7 Best Undergraduate Medical Schools in Australia (Guide)

Best undergraduate medical schools in Australia

Are you searching for the best undergraduate medical schools in Australia for your medical studies? 

Australia currently has several world-leading universities that offer quality education.

Choosing any of the undergraduate medical schools in Australia to begin your training is surely one of the best lifetime choices any high school leaver, home and international, could make.

Having that interest, at least, definitely puts you on the right track. 

Generally, Medicine and Surgery, MBBS is studied as a postgraduate courses in most medical schools abroad. 

But, in some countries like Australia? 

There are a good number of Universities that accept new intakes into its medical schools to study medicine as undergraduates. 

Having said that, there are still specific qualifications required which possess its own rough sides but keep calm, this guides will take you on a journey to attaining clarity.

In our previous Australian medical school guides, we discussed on the ways to get into medical school in Australia.

Today, this Article will give you the best undergraduate medical schools in Australia. Do well to read completely.

What are the Eligibility Requirements For Undergraduate Medicine In Australia? 

Studying medicine and surgery as an undergraduate course in Australia spans for about five or six years.

Applicants are expected to have completed their high school and bagged their school leaving certificate. Other requirements to be met includes:

  • Having excellent scores in a combination of the following subjects in their final year of high school. The courses are chemistry, physics, biology and maths.
  • International students might require a result in the proof of proficiency in English test. This actually depends on the country of origin and native language of the applicant. IELTS test results with an overall band score of 6.5-7.0 are the most required.
  • Undergraduate medical schools in Australia also require applicants to have results in the aptitude test, most commonly, ISAT (International Students Admissions Test).
  • Some other medical schools in Australia and New Zealand accept UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) scores.


The ISAT, International Students Admissions test is administered by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). 

This test is required for international students to gain admission into any of the Undergraduate Medical schools in Australia. 

It is a three-hour, multiple choice, computer based test designed to access a student’s intellectual abilities and logical reasoning. It is the equivalent test to the University Clinical Aptitude Test, UCAT.

UCAT has a shorter time limit. It is a two-hour long test performed on a computer. It tests for a wide range of abilities divided into five sections namely:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Decision Making
  • Quantitative reasoning
  • Abstract Reasoning
  • Situational Judgement.

All Undergraduate medical schools in Australia require aptitude test scores as part of the applications require the International students Admissions test. An exception to this is the University of Adelaide which runs its own Personal Qualities Assessment (PQA).

It should be noted that breaks are usually not allowed for the duration of these tests. 

What are the Best Undergraduate Medical Schools In Australia?

There are a good number of International medical schools in Australia that offer medicine purely on the Undergraduate level.

Many of them have amassed highly honourable reputation over the years and are known to break new grounds regularly.

Here is a list of the reputable Universities in Australia and New Zealand which local and international students can go to study Medicine and Surgery after high school; 

  1. University of Adelaide.
  2. James Cook University
  3. Western Sydney University
  4. University of Newcastle, New South Wales
  5. University of Tasmania, Tasmania.
  6. Monash University, Victoria
  7. Macquarie University, New South Wales.
  8. University of Auckland, New Zealand.
  9. Flinders University, Adelaide.

Many of these undergraduate medical schools in Australia continent listed are ranked in top positions in the University World Ranking.

 Aside from that, each and every one of them have been tested and have proven their credibility.

1. University of Adelaide Medical School- best under medical schools in Australia  

The University of Adelaide is located in Southern Australia. It is ranked number 106 in the 2021 QS World University Rankings and has a medical school that stands as the biggest school in the University.

 The sole purpose of its medical school, as it is already known for, is providing world-class innovative and conducive environment for students studying medicine and also for research.

There is one beautiful thing about the Adelaide Undergraduate Medical School Australia. There, the foundational knowledge required to excel in the health care is provided.

Where could the Adelaide School of Medicine lead you?

The Adelaide medical school being an Undergraduate school would be the first part of your medical program. 

Learning in the medical school in partnership with outstanding clinicians, you will:

  • Gain exposure to real-world health and clinical practices and develop your own effective and safe clinical skills.
  • Work in groups to address problems relating to common individual, community and global health issues.
  • Acquire strong foundation in research and evidence-based care.

Entry Requirements.

The Adelaide Undergraduate School of Medicine in Australia requires Ontario High School Diploma with 85%/ BC Dogwood diploma with 73%. UCAT ANZ test is also required. 

Application for this year has been on since March, 2021 and closes 17 may, 2021 Australian time. Students who have experienced University education are also eligible to apply. 

Duration of Study

This is a six-year long full time training which leads to the students being awarded the Bachelor of Medical studies and Doctor of Medicine degrees upon completion.

The First three years of the program is the Bachelor of Medical program. This teaches the students the basics of Medical practice. 

The medical students learn and build clinical skills and develop understanding on the roles of doctors.

Students move into the final three years of medical school for the doctor of Medicine program.

Students gain access to the Doctor of Medicine program if they have completed the Bachelor of Medical Studies at the University’s Medical School.

Other Info’s. About The Adelaide Undergraduate Medical School in Australia.

2. James Cook University Medical School 

The JCU, James Cook Undergraduate Medical School is located in Northern Australia and it is ranked the First in Australia.

It is a highly reputable University producing skilled graduates with a solid foundation of medical and scientific knowledge. 

This school is aimed at developing understandings and workforce available for individuals and communities at large.

Do you know about the phrase “Socially accountable medical education”? This was described by the World health Organisation as the act of medical schools accepting their obligations to direct their research, education and services to health concerns of communities that it has a duty to serve.

The above described term is what the James Cook Medical School aspires to. Graduates of the James Cook medical school are fit to work anywhere in Australia and New Zealand and also further their education in any medical discipline.

Entry Requirements.

Applicants are expected to have nothing less than an Ontario OSSD GPA average of 86% in top 6 grade twelve (12) courses which includes the prerequisite courses ( Maths, Grade 12 level chemistry, Biology and physics).

Students who have undergone university education partly or fully could apply too with a minimum GPA requirement of 80%.

Duration of the Course

Medicine and Surgery at the James Cook University in Australia takes six years to complete. This is a very broad program with training in biomedical sciences, professional and clinical medical practice.

The First half of the course duration is spent on the Townsville campus. Students get clinical experience from their first year and undergo various clinical attachments throughout the course.

In later years of study, students are given the opportunity to pursue international interests.

Degree Awarded.

On completion of the six-year program, students are being awarded the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree.

This degree has Australian Medical Council accreditation, so is recognised anywhere in Australia, New Zealand and beyond.

Other Info’s. About The James Cook Undergraduate Medical School.

3. Western Sydney University Medical School

The Western Sydney University is the 18th best University in Australia. Its school of Medicine is one of the most advanced medical training centres in the world.

Since it welcomed its first medical students in the year 2007, the Undergraduate school of medicine has graduated quite a large number of doctors who are making massive impact in the world of medicine.

Medicine in the western Sydney Undergraduate School of medicine in Australia is centred on problem-based learning. Students are being trained on health in the community, patient care and scientific basis of medicine.

Its facilities for learning includes anatomy labs, research facilities, the new neuroscience behavioural investigation lab and learning spaces for various clinical skills.

Entry Requirements.

A commendable performance in the final year of high school equivalent to an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 95.5% and IB (International Baccalaureate) score of 37 is required.

An ISAT result of not up to two years is highly mandatory in the application process.

Duration of Course.

Studying Medicine in the Western Sydney University Medical School spans for five (5) solid years. Students learn through experience and are thoroughly engaged in a broad range of hospital and community based services throughout their five years of study.

From the first weeks, students learn from patients coupled with grouped collaborative learning with colleagues in hostels and on campus.

The First and second year involves learning to apply biomedical sciences to solve clinical problems and also acquire research skills.

 Students who developed great passion for research can choose to spend another year developing research skills.

Third, fourth and fifth years are spent building clinical experience through placements in subspecialty and specialty medicine ranging from training in metropolitan hospitals to general practices in rural and remote areas.

Degrees Awarded in Western Sydney University Medical School.

Every Medical student on completing his/her medical course in the western Sydney University Medical is awarded Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Bachelor of Clinical Science Degree.

The requirements for bagging the Bachelor of clinical sciences degree is actually met after completing the third year clinical practices. 

Other Students who after their second year, furthered their research skills for an additional year are being awarded the Bachelor of medical research. All degrees mentioned are recognized nationwide.

The Western Sydney University Medical School seems like a great choice right?

More facts about Western Sydney Medical School

  • Intake – February
  • Prerequisites- ISAT
  • Seats Available – Approx. 20 International seats.
  • Application- Closes 30th August, 2021.

4. University of Newcastle medical school – Best under medical schools in Australia

The Newcastle University in Australia is ranked number 132 in the world for medicine. It is ranked among the best Undergraduate medical schools in Australia. 

This University holds a unique partnership with the University of New England.

I guess you found that exciting!

This enables greater access to electronic resources, tutors, library facilities and clinical experiences. 

Learning is by experience in this Medical school. Students are being provided with opportunity to gain further experience abroad and also participate in local health projects.

Entry Requirements.

An OSSD score of 87% is needed at minimum, BC of 3.8 in all grade 12 courses.

For applicants with little University Experience, Only a minimum of one year attendance is needed with a 5.0/7 points.

Applicants are also expected to prepare for the interview which comes up most likely in Newcastle.

Degrees Awarded In Newcastle University Medical School.

On completion of Medical school. The respective students are being awarded the Bachelor of Medical Science/ Doctor of Medicine (JMP) degree. The JMP is a partnership with the University of New England and Hunter New England Local Health District.

Duration of Course.

Students in University of Newcastle Undergraduate Medical School in Australia spend a total of Five years full time to graduate with a MD JMP degree.

During the first two years, students get introduced to medicine, research and clinical practices. 

The final three years are spent on various clinical placements. Final year students on completing their education prepare for transition unto their JMO (Junior Medical Officer) internship year.

More facts about University of Newcastle Medical School

  • Interview- required
  • Intake- February
  • Seats Available- Approx. 24 International spots.
  • Application deadline- Early September

5. Flinders University Medical School 

The Flinders undergraduate medical school in Australia is another one that deserves the accolades. 

Medical and Surgery in this school is a double degree program which enables school leavers without undergraduate training experience to pursue a medical career.

Its program provides a high standard of professional, academic and clinical medical training to equip graduates with the skills necessary to take up positions at hospitals and in the field of medicine at large.

Entry Requirements

  • Students must have completed high school.
  • Minimum High school GPA of 90% or IB 37
  • Applicants must have passed all BCS courses with credit average to proceed to MD.

Degrees Awarded In Flinders Undergraduate Medical School

After completing medical training in Flinders University, a combination of two degrees are usually awarded to students namely: 

  • Bachelor of Clinical Sciences.
  • Doctor of Medicine.

The requirements for being awarded the Bachelor of Clinical Sciences award is met on completion of the first two years of medical school. 

Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree award is deserved only after completion of the final four years of medical school in the Flinders University.

Duration of Course

Studying medicine and surgery in Flinders University spans for a total of six years with the first two years being spent by students undertaking studies in clinical sciences focusing on either health or medical science.

These studies help prepare students for the final four years of their program, which when completed, earns the student the Doctor of Medicine degree.

More Facts About The Flinders Undergraduate Medical School In Australia

  • Intake- February.
  • Interview- Required for acceptance into the university.
  • Applications open- February
  • Seats Available – Approx. 30 international places.

6. Griffith University Medical School 

Ever heard about the Griffith University?

It has one of the renowned Undergraduate medical schools in Australia known for helping students take their first steps on the road to becoming a doctor.

Medical students here learn through small group practical, problem-based learning, clinical skill sessions and extensive clinical placements. Students develop all the attributes and skills necessary to succeed as an intern.

Entry Requirements

  • IB score 39.
  • Ontario OSSD grade average of 94%
  • Students who have undergone tertiary study are not eligible for acceptance.
  • Canadian provincial High school diploma of 94% in final year.

Degrees Awarded In Griffith Undergraduate Medical School

Graduates from the Griffith medical school are being awarded with two degrees namely:

  • Bachelor of Medical sciences.
  • Doctor of Medicine.

The Bachelor of Medical sciences is usually awarded to students after the first two years of before moving into the Doctor of Medicine program which lasts for the remaining four years.

Duration of Course

Six long years is usually spent studying to become a doctor in the Griffith Undergraduate medical school.

In the first year, students are being introduced to the basic medical sciences- Anatomy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology, Physiology and Psychology.

The second year is spent studying more medically focused courses in the areas of epidemiology, immunology, metabolism, pharmacology and infectious disease.

These two years are the duration for the Bachelor of Medical sciences. Completion of this program with a CGPA of at least 5.0 and a minimum grade of pass in the course- Human skills for medicine would gain students entry into the MD program.

More Facts About Griffith Undergraduate Medical School In Australia

  • Intake – February
  • No interview required.
  • Approx. 30 international seats available.

7. Macquarie University Medical School 

Macquarie is another fantastic Medical school in Australia for high school leavers.

Its sole aim is building the foundational professional skills needed for a career in medicine. Students are granted access to the latest technology and laboratory anatomical specimen.

Entry Requirements

  • Ontario OSSD grade average of 85%
  • Pre-requisite subjects: Senior Math and chemistry.
  • Applicants who have undergone one year of Undergraduate learning are allowed with GPA nor lower than 5.0/7

Degrees Awarded In Macquarie Undergraduate Medical School

The first degree offered by new intakes is the Bachelor of clinical sciences. It spans for two years (3 semesters in each year).

Completing courses in this program and obtaining the degree qualifies a student to further his education in the Macquarie MD program.

Duration of Course

Like most undergraduate medical schools in Australia, six years is spent in total to study medicine in Macquarie University.

Students first get enrolled into the Bachelor or clinical sciences program which is two years long. 

Within these years, they learn about the basic medical sciences courses and are provided with the opportunity to participate in research.

Progression into the Doctor of Medicine program is guaranteed if students complete the Bachelor of clinical science program with a minimum WAM (Weighted Average Mark) of 70.

More Facts About Macquarie Undergraduate Medical School In Australia

  • Intake – February
  • Interview required.

Summing up on the Undergraduate Medical Schools In Australia 

By now, your knowledge of Undergraduate medical schools In Australia is now broadened.

The compiled list above comprises of the top undergraduate Medical schools in Australia with top ranks worldwide.

Despite the fact that they have all established and shown their prowess in quite amazing ways, there still exist some facts about certain schools which you might have found more interesting.

Good luck as you make that life-changing step into your future using this best undergraduate medical schools in Australia guide.

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